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[1.11] Housing Districts

Discussion in 'Unsupported / Outdated Plugins' started by ZeDingo, Jan 21, 2012.

  1. ZeDingo Plugin Developer

    Housing Districts (1.6.0)

    Create houses (like regions) with extra cool features!

    Housing Districts plugin for TerrariaAPI[v1.11]
    • Create a house (by rectangle) to protect your build
    • Lock other players out of your house (they will be teleported back out)
    • Add visitors that won't be locked out of your house, but can't build in it
    • Chat that will only be heard by other players in the house (can now be turned off in hconfig.json)
    • Allow your users to protect their own builds! Users can only delete or adjust their own houses, freeing up your moderators for more important things
    • /house set 1/2 - Sets the temporary points of the house you are defining, just like /region set 1/2
    • /house clear - Clears the temporary points you have set from memory
    • /house add <house_name> - Defines the house by the temporary points you've set, just like /region define
    • /house redefine <house_name> - Use after setting points. Changes the position and size of the house without needing to delete it and add it again.
    • /house delete <house_name> - Deletes a house from the database.
    • /house name - Hit a block to get the name of the house(s) the block is in. Same as /region name
    • /house list - Lists all houses in the database, 15 at a time.
    • /house chat <house> (on|off) - Toggles house chat for a specific house, owner only.
    • /house allow <player> <house_name> - Sets the owner(s) of a house, same as /region allow, with one difference: Owners can toggle /changelock
    • /house addvisitor <player> <house_name> - Adds a visitor to a house, who can enter your house while it's locked. Visitors are not allowed to build in said house.
    • /changelock <house_name> - Toggles the lock on the house, which is what teleports away intruders. Note: ONLY owners can change this. Admins do not inherently have the permission to do so.
    • /housereload - Reloads settings from the configuration file.
    • sethouse - Access to /house commands used in defining or deleting houses, or adding owners. (Add this to your groups to allow them to add their own houses!)
    • edithouse - Allows group to edit houses they don't own. (For admins)
    • adminhouse - (v1.6) Bypasses owner checks for /house commands, like delete
    Setup a House:
    • Use /house set 1 and hit a block at the corner of the rectangle to be defined
    • Use /house set 2 and hit a block at the OPPOSITE corner of the rectangle to be defined
    • Use /house add <house_name> to define the new house.
    • /house add now adds the person who used the command to the list of owners.
    1. Download Plugin (Link Below)
    2. Extract to serverplugins ( same directory as TShockAPI.dll)
    3. After the server starts with Housing installed, it will generate a config file (hconfig.json)
    4. Change the values to what you want for your server (config has documentation built-in) and type /housereload in the console or from your admin character.
    5. Enjoy!
    And lastly ... Links!
    Olink (jerk didn't push changes to repo :( )
    ZeDingo (since I finally did something other than update APIVersion)
    Lusent, for demanding updated plugins.

    All I did to it was update APIVersion. Nothing else has changed from Olink's version. I plan on doing some other things, but mostly stuff my server wants done, like turning off that house chat. Oh ffs, screw it.

    Planned Features:
    • House owners can toggle local-only chat for their house
    • Config toggle of all house chat
    • /house redefine <house_name> (after setting points) - Because I hate having to delete a house to make it bigger.
    • A visitors list that house owners can modify, allowing certain players into a /changelock'd house without adding them as an owner. Needs deletevisitor.
    • Maximum house size and house count for registered users given sethouse permission AND somehow make sure they can't use /house delete without being an owner. Needs house count by IP address.
    • Overlapping houses cause a massive "Entered house" spam when in the overlap.
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  2. nicatronTg TShock Founder

    You still need to meet the submission guidelines if you're updating another person's plugin.
  3. Eplekake Member

    Thanks, my users like this plugin :)
  4. ZeDingo Plugin Developer

    Awww, I didn't want to lay claim to it, but alright.
  5. nicatronTg TShock Founder

    Even if you aren't, you still need to meet the initial guidelines. If Olink reopens his plugin than obviously he can take over or move the old thread.
  6. ZeDingo Plugin Developer

    That works. I'm not that great at any OOP language yet or I'd just say "screw it, I'll do it." The sad life of a mIRC scripter when he realizes IRC has been a dead medium for years.
  7. Eplekake Member

    Btw, the previous version of this plugin had the house chat t urned off, why does this have it on if all you did was update the APIVersion? The forced hosue chat is kinda annoying in the long run :p
  8. tenabrae Member

    Pretty sure forced house chat is a config option, just set it the other way.

    "ForceSayToHouse": false

    change to false.
  9. Eplekake Member

    I dont have anything like that in the config, gonna try adding it and see if that works. In the first post it says
    "Planned Features:
    House owners can toggle local-only chat for their house
    Config toggle of all house chat"
    So im doubting this will work.
  10. tenabrae Member

    This is how my hconfig.json came:

      "NotifyOnEntry": true,
      "NotifyOnExit": true,
      "ForceSayToHouse": false
    I'ven ever tried turning saytohouse on, but notifyonentry/exit definitely toggle true/false
  11. Eplekake Member

    Oh ok, my bad. I thought you ment config.json. My hconfig.json file doesnt have that "ForceSayToHouse" setting either, but Ill add it. Thanks!

    Edit: Set it to false and hosue chat is still forced. When I say forced, I mean I have to type /all to prevent talking to my house. I want it off completly like the previous version was.

    Edit2: Actually, the "ForceSayToHouse": false is deleted from the file whenever I start the server. How do I prevent this?
  12. ZeDingo Plugin Developer

    I may have downloaded the wrong source, then. I got it from Olink's profile: https://github.com/Olink/Twitchy-s-Housing-Mod

    Anyway, I'll mess with it tomorrow afternoon after I donate plasma.

    Edit: While smoking a cigarette, I checked the source in Olink and TheTwitch's repos, and neither has a ForceSayToHouse in the config. It might've been something Olink did but didn't push to the repo. Either way, I'll add it tomorrow.
  13. Iscar Member

    Could please add that, there is a limit in maximum house size like
    Max house size = 5000 blocks
    Max houses per IP/username = 2
    Something like this would be very nice!
  14. Eplekake Member

    If this is something that is added, please make it so that we can change the values. I dont need or want to restrict my users :)
  15. ZeDingo Plugin Developer

    Did you give your players access to /house add or something? Only mods get it on my server.
  16. Iscar Member

    Of course a value lol, but it would be really nice of each of my player can claim a small region (5000 blocks is like nothing)
    Why not give it to regular players so they can define the area they want themselves? Saves a lot of moderator work
  17. ZeDingo Plugin Developer

    Added /house redefine and put my source in the top post. The DLL download is also updated. My priorities are going by what we want on my server, so chat comes first (complete toggle, not specifically owner toggle), THEN I will get into limiting house size and count.

    I also really hate when values like that are hard coded. I'll be adding that to the config, along with commands to adjust the values from in-game.

    Edit: Sorry, I just realized that I commented out the house chat code in this build, so that's completely turned off at the moment. Shouldn't take long to get things set up, and if all goes well in testing, I may have that uploaded tonight.
  18. Iscar Member

    Thank you so much ZeDingo!
  19. ๖ۣۜMafiaman New Member

    This seems really cool!
  20. ZeDingo Plugin Developer

    And updated again, this time with house chat toggle. If you got the version from earlier today and don't need house chat, you don't have to get this one.

    Now I guess I have to make a housingdistrictusers table, since there's no field for miscellaneous flags in TShock's user db *hint hint*.

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