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Submission [1.12] AutoBossSpawner v.1.3

Discussion in 'Plugin Submissions' started by InanZen, Jan 30, 2012.

  1. Pychnight Member

    Could you add support to spawn custom monsters to this? and maybe making your own region name where the spawns start? (used arena in anther world would be fairly good to have the ability to set the name it looks for now I'm just deleting the old region then replacing it when i go back to the other world )
  2. Erikas New Member

    Thx i like your plugins :) I have build arena today and i protect the region with name "arena" and i found this plugins :)
  3. JuiCe New Member

  4. Mythril Guy Member

    I just installed the plugin for my server and love it, but I don't seem to know how to get it to summon certain bosses and mobs that I want it to summon instead of randomly chosen ones that's default. Can I get some help on that?
  5. popstarfreas Active Member

    well one way is to /abs force (id)
  6. InanZen TShock Plugin Developer

    You dont need those files. They are source code - for developers only.
    Download plugin .dll and put it in your ServerPlugins folder. Than just start the server normally. It will generate the config.json file in tshock/ folder.
  7. Episode Member

    I have noticed when the event starts the mobs die in literally 10 seconds or so, and the event is over. Is this because the minionstimer is at 20
  8. InanZen TShock Plugin Developer

    if nobody is at the arena the mobs despawn. it is normal terraria behavior
  9. Kiba New Member

    I like the idea of using this plug-in, the only problem I have is I made a arena for pvp and a arena called Bosses for fighting bosses that players can go to and summon them. I also sometimes summon bosses for the players. Is there a way we can tell it the region we want to use for bosses?
  10. InanZen TShock Plugin Developer

    yes arena name for mobspawner is fixed it must be "arena"
  11. Kiba New Member

    I got a error today and the Auto Boss Spawner was working fine most the day. I even went and created a whole Peach Castle Arena just for it and called it arena. That way the boss only spawn there, if I did something wrong let me know. Sorry if I posted this in the wrong area also.
    System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
      at AutoBossSpawner.AutoBossSpawner.startBossBattle()
      at AutoBossSpawner.AutoBossSpawner.OnUpdate()
      at System.Action.Invoke()
      at Hooks.GameHooks.OnUpdate(Boolean pre)
      at Terraria.Main.DedServ()
      at Terraria.ProgramServer.Main(String[] args)
    Update = Never mind I figured out what the problem was.
  12. UrbanSkaters New Member

    Is there any way to keep the bosses IN the arena.. Because when my players die and respawn , and then decide NOT to go back and fight, the bosses head to my village and try to eat everyone :p lol
  13. popstarfreas Active Member

    you could try diemob zones which cover around the arena but i dont see any other way
  14. UrbanSkaters New Member

    That's exactly what I did in the end, which work nicely because it gives my players a safe place to chill, but my next problem is that it kills the bunnies and I don't approve of killing bunnies in my village! :(

    Added: and now Goblin Invasions get slaughtered at the gate :(
  15. Kiba New Member

    I had a question about possibly adding another spawn during boss fights. I created a closed in arena and wanted to use mob number 72 so I am not sure how I can have that spawn also when bosses are spawned.

    This is your code for the bosses
          "setID": 1,
          "bosses": [
              "id": 4,
              "amt": 50
              "id": 70,
              "amt": 10
    I tried to add another line to it to see if it worked but I guess it didn't. I am not sure how to change it if it's possible I could use some help.
          "setID": 1,
          "bosses": [
              "id": 4,
              "amt": 50
              "id": 70,
              "amt": 15
              "id": 72,
              "amt": 15
    Then I launch the server and I get a message Error in the config file. Is there a way to get the mobs to spawn alone with the spiky mobs?
  16. Olink Nyx Developer, Occasional TShock Developer

    hint: use json lint

    Parse error on line 11:
    ... "amt": 15 }{ "id":
    Expecting 'EOF', '}', ',', ']'

    Last time i looked that was a list of things and in the english language we make lists by adding commas
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  17. Kiba New Member

    oh i missed that "," thanks for pointing that out for me =).
  18. InanZen TShock Plugin Developer

    Updated for 1.12 API and v3.9 TShock
  19. Sqratz New Member

    This is the first mod I've ever used with tshock, so I apologize if my question is painfully stupid, but is there anyway to prevent certain bosses from spawning? I noticed the list of Mobs, but I didn't see a list of bosses anywhere.
  20. Sqratz New Member

    Never mind this one...

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