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Submission [1.14] Essentials & SignCommands

Discussion in 'Plugin Submissions' started by scavenger, Jan 22, 2012.

  1. scavenger TShock Contributor

    Essentials and Sign Commands v1.5.3
    Useful commands for TShock! | Sign Commands!
    For TerrariaAPI[v1.14]
    • Sign commands including Time, Heal, Warp, Kit, Spawn Mobs and Command.
    • Lock teams with passwords or permissions!
    • Many Useful commands, Here a few good ones:
    • /more all - fills everything in your inventory to the maximum.
    • /moon - change the moon phase.
    • /b - moves you to the last place that you teleported/died.
    • /cbiome <from> <to> [region] - lets you convert Hallow, Corruption and Normal land (optional: only in the specified region).
    • /sitem <search term> - Displays a list of all Items and their id's that contain the specified search term.
    • /myhome - Teleports the user to thier home that they set with the /sethome command.
    • /= - executes the last command you entered.
    • /disable <name> - Disables the specified player!
    Configuration file, Commands, Permissions and Sign Commands:
    • Download & Extract.
    • If you only want to use Essentials, you only need to put Essentials.dll into your ServerPlugins folder..
    • If you only want to use SignCommands, you only need to put SignCommands.dll into your ServerPlugins folder...
    • However, if you want to use both Essentials and SignCommands, Place both .dll's in the ServerPlugins folder.
    • Have fun!
    Please consider Donating to support the Developer =^_^=

    • Suggestions for essentials features.
    • Suggestions for sign commands.
    • v1.5.3
      • Fix some console errors
      • Restore InvSee on leave
      • Fix sign command cost?
    • Full Changelog on the Github Wiki & Github releases
    Thanks to DaGamesta, MarioE,
    Ja450n for the unofficial update.
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  2. Iscar Member

  3. Iscar Member

    Suggestion to add to sign, possible of combining with Kits, so when you use a sign, it gives you a kit.
  4. scavenger TShock Contributor

    Hmm, it might be possible however it would be easier to create a kit sign command, Ill add it to the to do list.
  5. DarkOS tShock supporter and programming hack.

    great mod. i wonder as a part of your cbiome if there is a way to specify a region and randomly spawn basic ores (not hardmode)?

    currently, i have to take the server offline and use tedit for this so doing it with an in-game function would be great!
  6. InanZen Plugin Developer

    i would LOVE to see sign commands beeing able to spawn regular mobs, since /spawnmob is so unflexible (cant restrict certain mobs or number of spawns)
  7. scavenger TShock Contributor

    I should be able to do it, however the hardest part would be writing the ore generation part, hopefully I can steal something from someone xD.
    That is definutly possible, I will add it to the todo list.
  8. DarkOS tShock supporter and programming hack.

    olink posted something about checking into the following in another thread of mine:

    I had wondered if we could change the /genore command to also include basic ores but he had stated that it didnt work in the above quote.
  9. scavenger TShock Contributor

    I was thinking something more like the ore generator plugin in TEdit. However I guess I can't know until I try.
  10. DarkOS tShock supporter and programming hack.

    thats what i use right now. works well.
  11. nicatronTg TShock Founder

  12. DarkOS tShock supporter and programming hack.

    scavenger- is this something you think is possible?
  13. scavenger TShock Contributor

    hmm, It may be possible however it would probably take to much time. I will maybe try work on it in the long term.
  14. hachi Member

    about the command cooldowns, are they all per player/command group or some global? not sure if there's a difference between the boss/item/heal types.

    eg. player-1 spawns boss-x, then player-2 immediately attempts to spawn boss-y, are they affected by this cooldown or can different players be spawning every boss at once.
  15. scavenger TShock Contributor

    Yes, they are per player/command group, meaning if 5 people hit a boss sign command, it would spawn the boss 5 times.
    I could add a config to make cool-down's global.
  16. Iscar Member

    I like the cool down global idea :D
  17. Iscar Member

    I like the cool down global idea :D
  18. Azhiel New Member

    How can i disable the /sethome and /myhome commands ?
  19. scavenger TShock Contributor

    With permissions? Why do you want to disable them?
  20. Bowzer Member

    Could you separate /b from /btp, /bhome, /bspawn and /bwarp, dont want users to be able to tp. And if i give permission "backondeath " i aslo need to give permission "backontp" for /b to work.

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