Tutorial Basic TShock Server Set-Up Tutorial (Windows)

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    In this tutorial I will be showing you how to install and run your own TShock server. This tutorial assumes you have already forwarded the port(s) you want to use for the server, and are competent enough to make new folders and click on things.

    1. Download TShock and extract it to its own folder. You can download TShock version at the time of this tutorial's creation) here:
    It should look like this:

    2. Run TerrariaServer.exe. Select a world and port (The password will be explained later on) and let it load. It should look like this:

    3. Follow the on-screen instructions to make yourself superadmin. Then, go back to the folder you installed it in, and open the "tshock" folder. Open config.json with any text editor you choose. I will be using Notepad, for simplicity. It will be a bit confusing, with lots of different things you can edit. For our purposes in this tutorial, we want the part that says "ServerPassword": "", . Put what you want the password to be in the empty quotations. It will look like this:

    "ServerPassword": "DeanIsCool",

    Save, then go to the console window and type /reload. This makes your server use the password you just gave it.

    4. Find your router's external IP. This is what you will give to people so they can connect to your server. Go to http://www.whatismyip.com/ and it will be in big, blue letters - you can't miss it.

    5. You're done! Congradulations. Go have a cookie, invite your friends, and play some Terraria.

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  2. Olink

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    Just make sure to set up a static ip if you plan on playing with people after a router reboot :)
  3. Ijwu

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    Or a redirect. That could also work out.
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    Make your images not thumbnails, that way people can see them :p
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    Try clicking on them. They're all screenshots.
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    and dont give people your local IP, they wont be able to connect ;) i see this quiet a lot with people on servers 'trying' to advertise.
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