Tutorial How to use -ignoreversion to load old plugins

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  1. Helios

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    Decided to write this after noticing some people on the forums are unfamiliar with -ignoreversion.
    I don't have any pictures for you but if your capable of reading a few lines of text you cant mess up.
    Also want to note I'm using Windows 7.

    NO plugin is 'guaranteed' to run and or not screw with your database.
    Fairly warned.

    So, two ways to do this both have advantages;

    1.) Create a shortcut.
    + Minimal typing, point and click, very straightforward.
    + Easier for many people that are not computer savvy.
    2.) Use the Run Program.
    + Can launch server from anywhere on your PC. Don't need to be in Tshock folder.

    Shortcut Method
    Try Me First I'm Friendlier

    1.) Right click your TerrariaServer.exe and select create shortcut.
    "TerrariaServer.exe - Shortcut" is created.

    2.) Right click the Shortcut you just created and select Properties.

    3.) Look for the "Target" line

    4.) Go to the end of the target line. You should be outside the quote.

    5.) *space* and type -ignoreversion
    "you\will\see\somthing\like\this\in\quotes" -ignoreversion

    6.) Apply

    7.) Use your shortcut when you want to ignore plugin api.

    (Again using W7, Process may vary on other OS)

    Run Method

    You need two things:
    1.) Run (press windows key, type "run", box pops up with 3 buttons)
    2.) Your TerrariaServer.exe path (C:\Windows\etc\etc)

    Time Saver: Right click TerrariaServer.exe and click "Properties". Copy the entire string under "Location", some paths extend off window past the space given for them to display. This is not the complete path but you no longer have to look through folders to find it and will save you some time checking your typing later.

    Go back into Run. Paste the string you just copied. As an example, yours will not look like this, I will use the path "C:\Windows\Games\Tshock".
    Now, where your string ends is where everyone types the same thing;
    \TerrariaServer.exe -ignoreversion

    So, in the end my example path would be: C:\Windows\Games\Tshock\TerrariaServer.exe -ignoreversion

    Hit ok in run, server will not perform api checks on plugins.
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  2. Snirk Immington

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    I was literally going to start writing a guide for this when I saw my notifications :p
    I'd suggest some screenshots for the noobiest server hosters to see (but it's up to you).
    But it's a good guide :D
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  3. Olink

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    bats are your friend
    start+run == vista/win7. xp doesn't include the search bar. Best to use win key + r
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  4. frodo0306

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    When i run the shortcut I cant login into my server it stays at the found server screen...
  5. Helios

    Helios Level 2

    Which is why I said make backups in huge red bold text. That's cause of a plugin, not my tutorial or your shortcut.
  6. I can't seem to use it... It still refuses previous plugins.
    "C:\Users\--------\Desktop\Tshock 1.2 PR4\TerrariaServer.exe" -ignoreversion
    I run it as admin as well.
  7. Olink

    Olink Nyx Developer, Occasional TShock Developer Banned

    If the plugin is pre 1.14 we wont load it, ever. It is 100% incompatible with tshock. Therefore there are no plugins that could load with that flag anymore.
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  8. Alrighty, thank you.
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  9. TheoTerraria

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    This really helped me out! It saved my life! Thanks! (waaaaaaay!)