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Revealing the entire Map

Discussion in 'Help and Support' started by dgall, Oct 11, 2013.

  1. dgall

    dgall Level 2

    Is there any method with tshock to reveal the entire map for an admin?

    /reveal ftw :)
  2. ∞Infinity∞

    ∞Infinity∞ Level 1

    This would probably go under "Suggestions in the forums" I'm sure someone will develop a plugin for this.
  3. dgall

    dgall Level 2

    I apologize, that would have been a better place seeing as it is not in game. Unfortunately I don't think I can delete this thread.
  4. Scerion

    Scerion Level 4

    There is no innate functionality, and there is already a plugin out there. Its either released or back in development fixing things that 1.2 broke.
  5. ∞Infinity∞

    ∞Infinity∞ Level 1

    He is talking about the map in-game not a separate image. The mini map at the top right.
  6. DarkOS

    DarkOS tShock supporter and programming hack.

    This I client side I believe.
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  7. Scerion

    Scerion Level 4

    Ahh gotcha.
    Well tried to open up the .map file using a photo editor, but to no avail. If that 'd worked just could've set the map plugin to overwrite your map file, but alas :(

    Yeah, so far I've seen nothing available for map reveals using the new in-game map.