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Setting up a TShock Server on CentOS 5.7

Discussion in 'Linux Support' started by Neszy, Feb 12, 2012.

  1. Neszy New Member

    Hey, I was wondering if anyone could help me.

    I recently purchased a VPS from FanaticalVPS, and I've been trying to follow some tutorials (in setting up Mono, etc), but I keep getting stuck at a certain part. I have absolutely NO IDEA how to set up the server itself, but I've been running server for a while. I've used WinSCP and PuTTy before in order to get into another server which was already set-up, but I've no idea how to get to that stage.

    I attempted to follow this tutorial, which eventually links to this tutorial in order to set up Mono. The Mono tutorial goes well, however, as soon as I reach the "Configure the Build Process" stage, I get this error.

    Could anyone point me in the right direction?

    - Neszy
  2. k0rd Tee Shawk Developer

  3. Neszy New Member

    Awesome, got Mono and now I'm stuck again. On the original tutorial I'm at the part where it says to create the 'startServ.sh' and 'startServ.tcl' files, and then execute 'startServ.sh.'

    Upon attempting to use the './startServ.sh' command (after making it executable) it gives me this error.
    Obviously (as it states) there's no such file or directory, however, I don't know what it's even trying to do so I can't correct it to the correct directory.

    The contents of my 'startServ.sh' and 'startServ.tcl' files are exactly the same as on the tutorial, however, I'll post it below.

    cd /home/tserv/terrariaserver
    expect -f /home/tserv/startServ.tcl
    package require Expect
    set password "password goes here"
    spawn /opt/novell/mono/bin/mono /home/tserv/terrariaserver/TerrariaServer.exe
    expect *
    send "1\r"
    expect *
    send "\r"
    expect *
    send "\r"
    expect *
    send "$password\r"
    Could someone correct it if possible, or even tell me what it's trying to do?
    It's stating that the 'spawn /opt/novell/mono/bin/mono' part is wrong, and I don't have that directory, but I've followed the tutorial to the letter so I'm not sure if I've done something wrong or if the tutorial is just made specifically for the guy who wrote it.

    - Neszy
  4. k0rd Tee Shawk Developer

    please type

    which mono

    at the command prompt. this will tell you where your mono actually lives.
    at that point, you can replace the /opt/novell/mono/bin/mono with the true location of your mono.
  5. Neszy New Member

    It says that there is no mono.
    It says this on both my 'root' and 'tserv' users, however, I do have mono installed.

    Would this be because I changed the name of the folder which mono is in to 'mono'?
  6. k0rd Tee Shawk Developer

    if you know the path where your mono is installed, you should be able to replace the path mentioned with that

    for instance, /home/tserv/mono/mono

    although I don't recommend running mono unless you installed it per mono's installation instructions, mono relies heavily on the GAC and needs to be able to find some core assemblies.
  7. Neszy New Member

    Alright, changed the path, however, now it's saying that the permission is denied.
    Should I just remake the server on root (it's currently on the tserv account the tutorial said to create).
    That or is there a way to give tserv permissions to have access to root?
  8. k0rd Tee Shawk Developer

    i would install mono as root. from your mono source directory, as root, run

    make install

    then you should be able to refer to mono as just 'mono'

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