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[v 1.16] World Refill Plugin

Discussion in 'Plugin Releases' started by k0rd, Feb 17, 2012.

  1. k0rd Tee Shawk Developer


    /gencrystals (amount to generate) - life crystals
    /genpots (amount to generate)
    /genorbs (amount to generate) - shadow orbs / crimson hearts
    /genaltars (amount to generate)
    /gentraps (amount to generate) - takes a few seconds longer than the others..
    /genstatues (amount to generate)
    /genwebs (amount to generate - in *piles* and can fill your world with webs quickly)
    /genores (ore or gem name) (amount to generate)
    /genchests (amount to generate) - uproots empty chests on the map, stocks and hides the amount you specify.. optionally select default/easy/all
    • Genchests can now support MarioE's infinite chest plugin, use configuration option "UseInfiniteChests": true in WorldRefillConfig.json
    • 'default' option will select a random item from the pool defined in the config
    • 'easy' option will select a random easymode item
    • 'all' option will select a random item from every item in the game
    • these items get put in the first slot of the chest; the rest of the slots have randomly generated loot akin to chests you would find from a normal worldgen
    Destructive commands

    /genhouse - generates a mine house at your current position
    /gentrees - peppers the world surface with trees - instant forestation!
    /genpatch - generates a mushroom patch (use underground or you'll just get mud!)
    /genihouse - generates a floating island house
    /genisland - generates a floating island 50 tiles above you
    /genpyramid - generates a pyramid below you

    it will *attempt* to generate the amount you specify (when applicable), and it will let you know how many it truly generated

    requires tshock.world.causeevents permission

    plugin: https://github.com/k0rd/WorldRefill/raw/master/Compiled/WorldRefill.dll
    source: https://github.com/k0rd/WorldRefill

    Special thanks to @icyphoenix and @celebi23 for their contributions to the project.
  2. Rosen Plugin Developer

    we need pots =)
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  3. k0rd Tee Shawk Developer

    good idea :)
  4. Rosen Plugin Developer

    and it would be nice if pots would be added by timer.
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  5. k0rd Tee Shawk Developer

    should probably include automatic or manual options for all refills.
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  6. k0rd Tee Shawk Developer

    I might merge genore into this, as there is an effort to farm some of the tshock stuff out to individual plugins - need to see what the team thinks about it.
  7. k0rd Tee Shawk Developer

    added pots
  8. k0rd Tee Shawk Developer

    added traps - that one is fun :)
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  9. DarkOS tShock supporter and programming hack.

    Wow nice! How about heart crystals? oh and statues!
  10. k0rd Tee Shawk Developer

    already have crystals :) /gencrystals <amt>
  11. DarkOS tShock supporter and programming hack.

    oh crystals is heart crystals? totally skimmed over that... GREAT addition k0rd!
  12. DarkOS tShock supporter and programming hack.

    ps- works awesome
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  13. k0rd Tee Shawk Developer

    nah - it just said "crystals" - i edited it to make it more clear after seeing your post :p
  14. k0rd Tee Shawk Developer

    lol i did 10000 traps testing - boulder boulder dodge dart *EXPLODES* :)))
    it was great fun
  15. k0rd Tee Shawk Developer

    added statues
  16. DarkOS tShock supporter and programming hack.

    wonderful! what statues will it add? any of them at random? reason i ask is because i banned king/queen statues. Great work, once again.
  17. DankBud Administrator

    Yesss, thanks for this, watching.
  18. Olink Nyx Developer, Occasional TShock Developer

    AFAIK this plugin simply does what worldgen does when it makes a map. so the statues are at random.
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  19. DarkOS tShock supporter and programming hack.

    ah ok. k0rd- will /genore do gemstones?
  20. k0rd Tee Shawk Developer

    genore does do gemstones in latest devel

    also - statues are random - it doesn't do exactly what statues do in worldgen (statues in worldgen just increment to the next statue - this is completely random)

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