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[v1.11] Ranking & Clans

Discussion in 'Unsupported / Outdated Plugins' started by DarkunderdoG, Sep 25, 2011.

  1. DarkunderdoG TShock Plugin Developer

    Ranking & Clans

    Allow Mods or Admins To Rank Users Manage Clans

    Ranking & Clans plugin for TerrariaAPI[v1.11]

    • Allows users with the "rank" Permission to rank up or down users
    • Allows users with the "rank" Permission to add / remove someone from a clan
    • Allows users with the "changegroup" Permission to modify the group of any user online
    • Allows users with the "info" Permission to get detailed player information
    • /rank [up or down] [username] -- Ranks User Up or Down
    • /rank [up or down] [username] [clanname] -- Ranks User Up or Down In Clan
    • /rank clan [username] [clanname] -- Adds or Removes User From Clan
    • /changegroup [player] [group] -- modifies players group
    • /info [player] -- provides detailed player info
    • /clan [clanname] -- Adds or Removes User From Clan
    • rank - permission to use /rank
    • up -- gives /rank up
    • down gives /rank down
    • clan gives /rank clan
    • changegroup - permission to use /changegroup
    • info - permission to use /info
    • changeclan - permission to use /clan
    Setup Ranks: (Requires Manual Entry Of DB)
    • Ranks are assigned by adding a permission to the the group from 0-10
    • Remember that the group you create cannot be the parent of any other group
    • The group with the lowest level rank should be 0 and go up from there
    • Example:
      • Group Names: (Groups can have a parent but not if they have a number assigned)
        • Builder - Permission: 0
        • Mage - Permission: 1
        • VIP - Permission: 2
        • EliteVIP - Permission - 3
        • UbeREliteVIP - Permission - 4
    Setup Clans: (Requires Manual Entry Of DB)
    • Clans are created by creating a clan group name and giving it a permission clanname[0-10)
    • Remember that the group you create cannot be the parent of any other group
    • The group with the lowest level rank should be 0 and go up from there
    • Example: Clan Name Skylords
      • Group Names: (Groups can have a parent but not if they have a number assigned)
        • Skylord Builder - Permission: Skylords0
        • Skylord Mage - Permission: Skylords1
        • Skylord VIP - Permission: Skylords2
        • Skylord EliteVIP - Permission - Skylords3
        • Skylord UbeREliteVIP - Permission - Skylords4
    Example Of Command Usage:
    • /rank clan darkunderdog Skylords (name of clan is always the first part of the permission)
      • This would make me a skylord at my current rank (If Builder than Skylord Builder)
        • If you did this again it would remove me from the clan
    Would love help converting this to its own table instead of using permissions.. but am stuck.


    1. Download Plugin (Link Below)
    2. Extract to serverplugins ( same directory as TShockAPI.dll)
    3. Enjoy!
    You can see it running at darkunderdog.com port 7777


    Twitchy - tshock plugin knowledge
    vharonftw - help with ranking
    Zack (Olink) - Support and Help!
  2. AquaDraco Member

    Did anyone try this yet? I tried but I don't think it worked. Didn't have time to really mess with it because of my 24/7 server. However, I am using Tshock DB Editor, but I can't find any of the permissions... Don't take my word for it. I didn't really experiment with it much.

    On the other hand, it sounds pretty cool and would work great with my server. One of the players on the server is starting a Merchant's Guide and this plugin would REALLY help. Great job anyway. I can't wait to figure out how to use it.

  3. DarkunderdoG TShock Plugin Developer

    AquaDraco you can use "/modgroup add" to give a permission let me know if you need help! I'm on IRC and I'm available via Skype darkunder2
  4. DarkOS tShock supporter and programming hack.

    dark- does this play nice with the ERP system vharon createD?
  5. DarkunderdoG TShock Plugin Developer

    Cannot see any reason it wouldn't.
  6. AquaDraco Member

    It's a bit difficult for me to comprehend... I'll probably try it out completely on Friday.
  7. vharonftw Testing until the end

    i think it'll glitch out... since we used the same command name (and permission ) i.e. "rank"
    to anyone who uses EPR and wants to use this too take out RankSystem.dll first before installing to avoid any issues

    @DarkunderdoG - its really interesting how we had 2 different approaches to make a rank system... (currently working on RankControl aka RankSystem v2) and i'm looking to add guilds/factions too... but i used a config and arrays instead of the db and permissions. ^__^ we really have to share notes again sometime xD
  8. vharonftw Testing until the end

    its done but its only for donators at the moment... it'll be released as a public version as soon as i get the next version up
    aww dang it.. i thought this was my thread LOL? i really should check the title before i post :confused: hehe (i just click the newest alerts from the alerts page hehe, srry dark)
  9. Twitchy Plugin Manager and TShock Dev

  10. DarkOS tShock supporter and programming hack.

    what is done vharon?

    also, i am slowly transitioning to xenon for the game services. unfortunately, i have to do it one plugin at a time since the users dont have write access for dll files. once this is done i am going to send you a donation.
  11. vharonftw Testing until the end

    what i mean is this is in v 1.3 of ServerEPRSystem (i really shouldn't have posted it here... my bad.. i should've looked at the title first)
    anyway, what do u mean by:
    cause i'm planning on moving to XenonServers myself
  12. DarkOS tShock supporter and programming hack.

    Xenon does not give you any access to the serverplugins folder (or write/delete access to any .dll for that matter). I did not realize this. The service seems ok although i havent gone live yet because i have to test the server first. In order to test i have to install all the plugins but to do so you have to upload the dll's zipped up, then submit a support ticket to them to extract it for you.

    the bitch of it is anytime you need to make a change or debug something you have to send a ticket it to remove/rename/upload any dll.

    also, there is no way to see the "server console" so real time view of whats going on isnt there. im still on the fence if i want to do this to be honest.
  13. vharonftw Testing until the end

    hmm i wonder if its like that for other VPS's
  14. DarkOS tShock supporter and programming hack.

    dont know but its a pain.
  15. vharonftw Testing until the end

    i think either multiplaygameservers.com or artofwarcentral.com offers a free 7 day trial... i think one (or both of them) gives you access to all the files... you might wanna check that out.. though XenonServers is cheaper though
  16. XJes6 Member

    Im not sure if it worked or its because i need more help on this plugin. im superadmin and i keep dyingafter changing my rank or clan, i dont even know how to make a clan because i keep dying
  17. DarkunderdoG TShock Plugin Developer

    XJes6 - Use the server to change your info since users can't change their own rank...
  18. XJes6 Member

    Oh alright, but i think it would be better to in game since sometimes i cant use the server when im not at home and other ops wanna change people's ranks
  19. DarkunderdoG TShock Plugin Developer

    You shouldn't be using rank on yourself... You can use /user group on yourself....
  20. XJes6 Member

    Not to be rude or anything.. but i want you to tell me how to make clans. do i edit in game or in a config?!

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