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[v1.12] Unofficial update - More Admin Commands - APPROVED

Discussion in 'Unsupported / Outdated Plugins' started by DaGamesta, Sep 16, 2011.

  1. DaGamesta

    DaGamesta Level 5

    This plugin is no longer being developed by me (but may be being developed by someone else), and so the below post is likely out of date.

    More Admin Commands - V3.0.0

    This is a More Admin commands plugin, that gives you more admin commands, some of them kind of like god-mode functions, some of them just for easy maintenance of the server. Here is the list of commands:

    The Commands have been moved to a text file due to me passing the post limit on words:

    Things that people can still see when you're in ghost mode that I know of (will fix in future updates if I can):
    -Your name when they use /who or /playing.
    -Any blocks that you change. (obviously we don't really want this to be invisible. Just don't edit blocks when you're a ghost if you don't wan to give away your position)
    -Your char will appear to be at the very left-most portion of the map, standing still. This is currently the way we hide you, by faking your position. In future updates, I may try to hide this, too.

    Planned features:
    -A /freeze command, to freeze liquids. Apparently this was done in someone else's server mod before, I wonder if I can do it in TShock.
    -vharon's ideas, too lazy to rewrite. XD
    Suggestions are always welcome. :)

    And here is the plugin itself.

    And here is the standard config file, which is generated automatically in the case of it not existing:

    V.3.0.0 is up!

    -Added /autoheal. When autoheal is enabled, the server will heal you every time it sees you are under half of your health or half of your mana. Obviously not perfect, as it tends to take a few seconds for the server to realize how much health you have.
    -Added the /fly command.
    -Fixed the problems with people seeing a "ghosted" player using weapons like sunfury and the harpoon.
    -Adding buffering to tile changes to make the flying carpet movement look more smooth.
    -Added safety blocks to the ends of the flying carpet to prevent falling off.
    -Added a /fetch command, in case you STILL can't seem to stay on. Even then, it shouldn't be necessary, but it's here, just in case.
    -Fixed problem where leaving without turning off the magic carpet would make it a permanent part of the map.
    -Added the /mow command. You'll never need to mow the lawn again. :D
    -Added the ability to give the ghost, autoheal, and fly modes to any player by adding their name in front of the command.
    -Added the permabuff command.
    -Very controversial update, I'd like to say. Or at least I think so. Use with caution.
    -Added the /forcegive command, to give items regardless of free inventory.
    -Added the /killall command to the superadmin group only initially, pretty much explains itself. It kills everyone except for you. Personally I would love to see this in action on a server with 10-15 people, although it would probably drive many of them away. :p
    -Updated to work with TShock V.3.3.4
    -Added the /mute and /permamute commands.
    -Added the /butcherall, /butcherfriendly, and /butchernpc commands.
    -Added the /spawnbyme command.
    -Added the /muteall command.
    -Added the /permabuffgroup command.
    -Added the /clearitems command.
    -Added a config file with many things. See the config file for more information.
    -Added the /reloadmore command.
    -Fixed the glitch with /permabuffgroup not being able to apply buff groups.
    -Added /viewall
    -Added the ability to define passwords for teams in the config file, which can be unlocked using /teamunlock
    -Added /myspawnrate
    -Added the ability to unmute single people from /muteall
    -Added /spawnall
    -Added /spawngroup
    -You can now use "off" with /permabuff and /permabuffgroup to turn off all permabuffs for the selected people/groups.
    -Added /butchernearby
    -Added a separate "permabuff" permission
    -Added /rainbowchat (fun. XD)
    -Added /permabuffall
    -Fixed auto-kicking people whenever they died from fall damage when using the max damage kick/ban.

    -Fixed my overlooking of the /me function that could get around muting, muted players can no longer use /me.
    -Added /autokill.
    -Forcegive can now give multiple stacks if more than the max stack amount is specified.
    -Fixed the problem where it crashes when there are no bloodmoonmessages
    -Split various things, such as rainbowchat and burning zombies at daytime, into a Fun Stuff plugin, which will be posted soon.

    Donations are always happily accepted, as I need to put food on the table. I may just work on the feature of your choice next if you do. ;)

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  2. Twitchy

    Twitchy Plugin Manager and TShock Dev TShock Admin

    Interesting... Do you think you would be able to add some other powers? I don't see the point in approving a plugin with very basic functions. Not saying this is bad, just saying you could turn this into a sort of "Admin Super Power" plugin or something.
  3. Erik

    Erik Level 4

    I did this clientside, but it doesnt work correctly on TShock.
    I'll have to check this out, looks good!
    --- Last Edited: Sep 17, 2011 3:10 AM ---
    Most admin powers I use are clientside anyway, such as debugmode, noclip, and infinite reach.
  4. DaGamesta

    DaGamesta Level 5

    Yeah, I was gonna say that, most good admin powers seem to be clientside. I WISH I could create a flight plugin or something. That being said, I DO have a moreAdminCommands plugin that I'm using for my server, maybe I could add those commands in here and make it an extended admin commands mod? The commands I have in the other one were /freezetime (freeze and unfreeze time) and /spawnmobplayer mobname/id amount playername. I was also planning on creating commands such as /forcegive item playername amount (giving whether or not inv is full, although I'm debating whether or not it would really be a good idea), /privatewarp warpname password, and /setprivatewarp warpname password, or something along those lines. Think that'd be enough to make this something worthwhile?

    I take ideas as well.
  5. Twitchy

    Twitchy Plugin Manager and TShock Dev TShock Admin

    Sounds good!
  6. Erik

    Erik Level 4

    Maybe for flight you could do something like the flying carpet mod for minecraft, where it spawns a platform under the player and removes it when they jump sorta thing.
  7. Twitchy

    Twitchy Plugin Manager and TShock Dev TShock Admin

    ^ That...

    Would be awesome!
  8. DaGamesta

    DaGamesta Level 5

    Wait a minute... that... would be awesome. :O As long as they don't move too fast, and even then I could check velocities... just gotta be careful about destroying other blocks with the flying carpet thing. I mean, I could very well ignore them, but things like tables and chairs are actually considered tiles as opposed to background, even though you only see them in the foreground. It's probably possible, though, I never thought of it. I'll give it a shot. :D
  9. Erik

    Erik Level 4

    That'd be awesome if you could do that! I think theres already a clientside mod that does that, somebody on my server mentioned some sort of magic carpet mod. But it would be awesome to be able to grant users the ability to fly without a modded client.
  10. Deathmax

    Deathmax Inactive TShock Developer TShock Admin

    The magic carpet feature is infact available on various modded(grief) clients.

    Like always, you either make the carpet super long, or you just hope the player has a low enough latency. Check for (I don't have VS10 available, so I can't check) down button press if you want to make it so that you can lower the carpet.
  11. DarkOS

    DarkOS tShock supporter and programming hack.

    dagamesta great job!
  12. DarkunderdoG

    DarkunderdoG Plugin Dev

    Very nice!! Could you please post the source? Thank you
  13. Erik

    Erik Level 4

    Or perhaps it could be made of platforms, so you wouldn't have to do that at all. So it could be entirely based on the users position.
  14. vharonftw

    vharonftw Testing until the end

    you should get git DaGamesta :p just saying :p hehe (or if u have one can u put the link on here ^_^ )
  15. DarkOS

    DarkOS tShock supporter and programming hack.

    is there a DB permission specific to these commands?
  16. DaGamesta

    DaGamesta Level 5

    Yeah, the permission for ghost should be "ghostmode", while freezetime was added to the standard "time" permission and spawnmobplayer was added to the standard "spawnmob" permission. I'll update the main post with this info.

    Ugh... that's IT. I'm getting github today, and no amount of laziness will get in my way! I'll post the source when I get github. :)
  17. vharonftw

    vharonftw Testing until the end

    first time i opened git i was like "whaaa?? do i have to do this everytime i wanna upload my code???" lol :p its not very friendly with instructions :p
  18. DaGamesta

    DaGamesta Level 5

    V. 1.1.0 is out! Also, due to popular demand, the next version will include the flying carpet command. :D
  19. Piplup8091

    Piplup8091 Level 1

    Its awesome! The only problem that I see is with the /autoheal command, I see no difference. I turn it off nothing either. Please reply soon
  20. DaGamesta

    DaGamesta Level 5

    Hm? Interesting. It DOES take a few seconds, usually, and remember that your HP has to be below half in order for it to kick in.