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New Profile Posts

  1. quake1337
  2. fefeef
    check my new server! (builders needed)
  3. Totori
    In a closet
  4. B.F.T.B
    B.F.T.B LoveOryks
    Hello LoveOryks
    You seem to have a good amount of knowledge on the SEconomy plugin. I would be very grateful if you could provide me with information regarding how to get an up to date version of the plugin from someone that has been working with the source code since its discontinuation.
    I'm very interested in having the plugin on a server that I’m using for single player gameplay.
    Thank you
  5. Ryozuki
  6. Cheerio
    *rubs hands together* I think it's about time I learned the coding language for tShock plugins...
  7. TerraX354
    How do I invite my friends
  8. Colonial
    GO to terraria.by
  10. Kojiro_S
    Kojiro_S Zaicon
    Once again, thanks a bunch.
  11. zugurysus
    When will support version 1.3.5.*?
  12. Simon311
    I will not be moving to Discord. Also, any suggestions and/or requests are to be sent to me via Slack.
  13. Sash
    I kind of want to give back to this community for creating such an amazing free download. real MVP's... how tho?
  14. Untuned
    Untuned Simon311
    could you update the housing district plugin? thanks in advance <3
  15. Untuned
    Untuned Wight
    Could you possibly do a remake of your time based rank system?
  16. nicatronTg
    nicatronTg Zaicon
    Zaicon best admin 2017.
  17. Kojiro_S
    Another day, another bill.
  18. Vortex
    makin memes
  19. bippity
    bippity aMoka
    BoogaDoogaMooga Shoo
  20. Gogleis