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New Profile Posts

  1. bippity
    It's been a great run TShock forum, see ya on the flippity flip!
  2. nicatronTg
    I am so sick of this stuff
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    2. bippity
      Oh, I feel you man, that's why I decided to switch from whole wheat bread to gluten-free tortilla cereal!
      May 31, 2021
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  3. TheOldPlayeR
    I have stopped development of tshock plugins, it was fun but Terraria multiplayer code bad kthxbye
  4. EDn
  5. quake1337
    finally, updated the profile to not be a live advertisement of a server I no longer work with XD
  6. LoveOryks
    Oh Lordies
  7. KreeZeD
    KreeZ, iBelarus, Kisja, i20. =)))))))))))))))))))))
  8. shminkie
    shminkie Wight
    Tshock <3
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  9. Marie Baker
    Marie Baker
    A mom learning a new game. Thanks, son! I can't stop now! LOL That's me MamaBaker, MomsGamingAgain, MaBaker202, MomsMinecraft, etc.
  10. AbbeOP
  11. A-kun
    More cheats plz
  12. Zeblue
    Zeblue MarioE
    we need TShock mobile server please :)
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  13. Zeblue
    Zeblue Ancientgods
    we need TShock mobile server please :)
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  14. Zeblue
    Zeblue Wight
    we need TShock mobile server please :)
  15. Marcus Fenix
    Marcus Fenix
    I prefer Terraria over Minecraft
  16. Nezbednik
    How can i create a post about plugin?
  17. Under
    I need help with changing the ip so i can play with my friends
  18. Yaekith
  19. The-Moon-Lord
  20. is0