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May 4, 2017 at 10:52 PM
May 26, 2012
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TShock Developer

TShock Admin TShock Mod Plugin Developer

I don't think you're supposed to learn C# in python class. Jul 6, 2013

MarioE was last seen:
May 4, 2017
    1. Zeblue
      we need TShock mobile server please :)
      1. Feyn likes this.
    2. Panini
      Beep bop, hope all is well MarioE c:
      1. bippity likes this.
    3. Heliouse
      Your plugin is excellent. Thank you for all of your hard work.
    4. Wight
      You're a machine
    5. SkillForce
      BOOO,haunting ya because i really dont have anything to do...
    6. pink_panther
      Will you be working on the 1.2.4 update?
    7. scott wren
      scott wren
      Hey just updated to the you guys are freaking fast on your updates im very impressed I hope you guys always remember people like me love and respect your hard work and time away from your lives , family , to dev such an epic server thanks again you guys rock!!!
    8. scott wren
      scott wren
      Tanks man very nice people here!!
    9. scott wren
      scott wren
      is there gonna be a update soon? just wondering i know the screwed some things up!
      1. MarioE
        Yes. Thursday.
        Nov 6, 2013
    10. scott wren
      scott wren
      for the bosses you need to do "boss name" with double names. Also same for items hope this helped
    11. deathstrike1313
      i need help. i cant spawn bosses with the new tshock update. it says invalid command type or whatever
    12. Skull1234
      MarioE, Pinda said you could help me with finding one of your mods. He said its called Ice Wand, and it changes what the ice rod shoots out. I would like a link to the download when you have time, please.
      1. Skull1234
        Nvm, azaxel helped me.
        Aug 21, 2013
    13. MarioE
      I don't think you're supposed to learn C# in python class.
      1. Antagonist
        It all makes sense now
        Jul 7, 2013
    14. Loganizer
      Hey you are THE BEST PLUGIN DEVELOPER EVER. The history plugin is AWESOME. I would really like to donate. I could do a paypal gift ransaction, or a donate button. Also, i was wondering what programming launguage is used in making plugins. I was thinking of making a few.
      1. Silverforte
        C#. Twitchy posted some pretty hard-to-miss tutorials..thenewboston.com is also good. its what im using to learn ;)
        Jan 22, 2013
    15. black dragon
      black dragon
      hey mario might i ask u teach me how to make plugins like u do???
    16. Wolfe
      Thanks for being the most active TShock builder ;) Olink is active in the forums but hasn't created very many plugins recently. Still he's got some great ones.
      1. ZaNc likes this.
      2. MarioE
        Thanks, much appreciated :)
        Sep 23, 2012
      3. Wolfe
        Oh, thanks for the mute thing too. It's actually more handy then I thought it would be :3
        Sep 24, 2012
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