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Jan 29, 2014 at 8:25 PM
Aug 19, 2011
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Dec 3, 1990 (Age: 30)


Testing until the end, Male, 30

what the fudge??? who said I was dead?? Jan 29, 2014

vharonftw was last seen:
Jan 29, 2014
    1. Gnox
      Hey man, I really hope you come and update your custom NPC plugin, would love to get this plugin up and running to make servers more enjoyable!
    2. XJes6
      Any Hopes of updating that amazing Custom Monster's Plugin?
    3. vharonftw
      what the fudge??? who said I was dead??
    4. Q̨͡U̧Ą͞K̵͘E͠M͢͝AǸ̶
      sent a payment , yet still cant load the donatior version
      1. Loganizer
        He hasn't been active for a while. Once he comes back (which should be soon) he will probally send you a e-mail with the link.
        Mar 14, 2013
    5. Maximus
      Hey, I was just zooming around the internet looking to find a way to customize monsters in terraria and found that it was out of date... It made me quite sad haha. Is there a way you know of for me to do this? Thanks.

    6. vharonftw
      Someone made me miss Tshock and my old plugins so i'm just here to reminisce D: I missed you all ;^;
      1. Loganizer and Wolfe like this.
      2. Loganizer
        So you are going to continue your plugins! Yay!
        Jan 17, 2013
      3. vharonftw
        from what i heard there was a working version of EPR still being used in a few servers. you could ask them for a copy if you don't have it.
        Jan 21, 2013
    7. ThePC007
    8. AlfieSR
      Why'd the Custom Monsters thread die?
      1. Maximus, ThePC007 and ColdCrow like this.
    9. vharonftw
      Re-coding Custom Monsters, adding new features, removing redundant ones, adding Hooks for other devs to use, adding EPR support
      1. Alrof likes this.
    10. Episode
      Hello Vharon, I recieved an update from you 2days ago with the new plugin donator version but accidentally deleted and cleared all my stuff. Can you send that back out to me [email protected]
    11. vharonftw
      Re-coding EPR, adding Hooks for other devs to use ^__^
    12. vharonftw
    13. vharonftw
      Working on code for ServerEPRSystem for terraria 1.1
    14. Erik
      How would I go about joining this server alliance?
      I run a 24/7 server which hosts a quite large volume of people. (over 3000 registered) And 99% uptime!
      1. vharonftw
        send me your server details ^__^ and thats it.. also if you could contact Pssartist, Darkos, Omega84, and ImnotaHuman, they are the other 4 members of the alliance, they are all members of this forum and the terrariaonline.com forum ^__^ if we all approve of your server we'll let you join..

        i for one am not strict on requiremenst but i cannot speak for the others ^__^ good luck
        Nov 29, 2011
    15. Episode
      just to let ya know i put in a donation on the plugin you made, didnt recieve a download link yet cheers.
    16. DragonTech
      Vharon, I donated, but now I don't know how to download the donor's version of the monster plug-in!
      1. DragonTech
        I apologize for being immature with my donation. Please forgive me for my mistake.
        Nov 5, 2011
    17. DragonTech
      Vharon. This is DragonTech. Can you make me admin on the pinky server? What do you need to do that?
    18. vharonftw
      Me thinks Tshock.co should have the [spoiler] tag xD hehehe (just cuz its fun to use xD)
    19. vharonftw
      I'm not a messenger... :( and there's a big difference between asking for help and demanding it... *sigh*
    20. vharonftw
      uhm i like helping people out and all but.. if its not in anyway related to one of my plugins, please ask if i have the time to :(
      1. vharonftw
        i mean i've gotten like various messages ranging from advice on how to code, help with other people's plugins, how to setup tshock and whatnot and other random stuff.. i've answered all of them but i mean im not really aiming to be a support section for random stuff that has nothing to do with me...
        Oct 17, 2011
      2. vharonftw
        i mean even after i told someone that its not my plugin he still asked me this "can you at least get the word out for me about this? thanks"
        Oct 17, 2011
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    Dec 3, 1990 (Age: 30)


    Give your zombies more than just a Rawr! (Custom Monsters)

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