1. Olink
    Created by Olink
    Aug 9, 2014
    Hey guys,
    For those that were not around when this project was initially created (about a month before 1.2), White Lotus is a project that bridges the gap between user and server in terraria, by allowing you to link actual TShock accounts to a Steam account.

    How it works
    • You define a group, for users that are Steam Authed via White Lotus, and you give them the permissions that you want only Authed users to have (such as building).
    • You sign up at our website and create a server account. This account allows you to customize your rest ip/port, default group, unique identifier, and other things.
    • A user joins your server. He is put into whatever your guest group is. It is up to you as the server owner if you wish to restrict their permissions etc.
    • A message is broadcasted to the user mentioning that this is a White Lotus server and that they need to create an account @ White Lotus to gain benefits on your server.
    • The user goes to White Lotus
      • User logs into steam, via steams web api, and we get a token back from steam confirming who they are.
      • User puts in the unique key you defined when you created your server.
      • User enters username and password. Only the username is stored on our database, the password is sent to Tshock for the user creation step.
    • The user can now log into their account on your TShock server.
    • You can now ban that user, using TShocks commands, or using the steamban feature. The steam ban feature will ban that steam id from being used on your server ever again. This will prevent proxies, name changes, uuid changes, etc.
    • You can optionally enable the global ban feature. If a user creates or logs into a steam account where their steam id is banned on more than 'x' servers (your threshold) they are auto steam banned from your server. You can also simply enable notifications, which broadcast a message to everyone on your server with a certain permission that the user has 'x' global bans....
  2. Olink
    Created by Olink
    Feb 23, 2015
    The answer? 1,260,976. Thats a lot. I wish we were monitoring this so we could have had a cool, "TShock has over 1 million downloads!" thread.

    Thanks for being supporters of our hobby project, and making a pretty successful venture~!

    (before you ask, the image only shows the releases API, there were 284,368 downloads on the older download page)
  3. nicatronTg
    Created by nicatronTg
    Feb 22, 2015
    Hi! TShock 4.2.6 ensures plugin compatibility with the 4.2.5 release.
    • Plugins that use SqlTable.EnsureExists were breaking in the previous version, and this plugin adds that signature back (#826).
    • SqlTable.EnsureExists (void) has been deprecated in favor of SqlTable.EnsureTableStructure (bool). Please update your plugins accordingly.
    Download: https://github.com/NyxStudios/TShock/releases/tag/v4.2.6
  4. nicatronTg
    Created by nicatronTg
    Feb 21, 2015
    This is TShock for Terraria, 4.2.5 for Terraria Also, check out the new plugin section, complete with XenForo resource manager, and a spiffy new set of forums! Plugin authors, please create new resources using resource manager as soon as possible. The old forums will be removed soon!

    Changes include:
    • The automatic update checker is now powered by mimic, and works on Mono without using the infamous Mozroots workaround (#836).
    • REST now supports using UTF-8 in order to support Terraria's newly added support for UTF-8 (#858).
    • The group management system no longer creates the default groups if they aren't present (feel free to delete vip and admin without hassle now).
    • The /user commands no longer have success and then fail afterwards or silently (#543).
    • Add account create & delete hooks (#859).
    • The update manager no longer shuts down after a single failed request. If it fails a request, it decreases the retry time to 5 minutes to attempt to get a better retry sooner rather than later.
    Download here: https://github.com/NyxStudios/TShock/releases/tag/v4.2.5
  5. Olink
    Created by Olink
    Feb 21, 2015
    Hey everyone!

    Since we have these shiny new forums, how about some feedback from our wonderful community.
    This thread is going to be a request thread, where you guys can request new features, bug fixes, changes in behavior, etc etc. If the team decides your idea is worth doing, we will add it to our internal backlog of things to work on. Keep in mind this doesn't mean TShock is back in full swing. This is simply a few developers having a bit of time on their hands and wanting to potentially clean up some smelly code.


    Here are the rules:
    1. You are allowed exactly one suggestion at a time.
      • One post
      • One suggestion
      • You must wait until a developer has addressed your suggestion before you post again.
    2. Read through the list of suggestions and 'like' the suggestions that you feel benefit the software in order to help us find out what you guys want.
      • Repeating an idea already addressed or posted just makes us mad, don't do it.
    3. Remember that we are a server software mod, and can do nothing related to the client such as login behavior, custom items/mobs/projectiles etc.


    Simply post one suggestion in one post for us, and when we quote your post you are welcome to post a new idea. But only if your post is quoted does it mean we have addressed it.
    If you break the above rules, you forfeit your right to comment in this thread anymore, as well as potentially face a 24 hour ban from the forums. These rules exist to create a somewhat organized process out of the chaos that is...