1. nicatronTg
    Created by nicatronTg
    Mar 15, 2015
    Welcome to TShock for Terraria, version 4.2.9 for Terraria This bugfix release primarily solves problems with commands not functioning or displaying correct error messages as a result of adding the silent command specifier in the previous version. Download now.

    Notable changes:
    • The server console can now use the silent command specifier in addition to the normal command specifier when executing commands.
    • Temporary bans now function correctly.
    • The SSC error message is now formatted correctly.
    • The deprecated GetUsers() methods, which returned strings, have been removed in favor of GetUsers(true/false) which returns a List of strings (users) that can be concatenated by developers instead.
    • PlayerCommandEventArgs now passes the command prefix to hooking plugins.
    • Fast people: this is the 4.2.8 thread for 4.2.9 which really does fix temporary bans this time.
  2. Wight
    Created by Wight
    Mar 13, 2015
    Over the past few days @Patrikk has been working hard on making us a shiny new forum banner:
    It's awesome.
    Thanks a bunch!

    If you want to add it to your signature on TerrariaOnline then here's some BBCode I prepared earlier:

    If you want to add it to your signature on the Terraria Community Forums (TCF) then here's some more BBCode I prepared earlier:
  3. nicatronTg
    Created by nicatronTg
    Mar 12, 2015
    Over the last week or so, several changes have been made to the community behind the scenes. Here's an overview of the updates the community has had:
    • @Wolfje's community is migrating to this one. @Wolfje's forums are his to moderate, and may expand or contract with his wishes. Welcome!
    • The rules have been updated, including a better warning ladder. At maximum, a warning given will correlate to one point. At minimum, zero. Only the most outrageous of offenses will trigger one point in a given warning, and the ladder suggests that two of these large offenses will begin triggering bans.
    • Admins are not bulletproof. In the previous version of XenForo, admins could not be issued warnings. They are now subject to the same system as normal users.*
    • The censor has been updated. Links to Bamboo are now possible, and many curse words have been censored. Tripping the censor excessively may lead to a warning for improper language.
    • Admins police ad-hoc, passively and actively. If you believe a post is offensive, report it immediately, or an admin may miss it and not act on it. Reporting a post is your best way to ensure a clean community environment.
    • The admins @Rosen, @Kamilion, and @rahlzel have been removed due to inactivity.
    • Approximately 20 plugin developers have been removed due to inactivity.
    • Based on the vote in this thread, results were inconclusive due to lack of participation. As a result, tool submission without source, as well as plugin submission without source, will be evaluated based on prior community participation, rationale, and trustworthiness. Exceptions will be granted in very specific cases, for the time being. Those current exceptions include @GrandPa-G's currently removed remote...
  4. nicatronTg
    Created by nicatronTg
    Mar 9, 2015
    This is TShock 4.2.7 for Terraria Included in this release is the Terraria Server API 1.17. Need help? Find us in Slack or here on the forums for support. Download via Github Releases.

    Notable changes in TShock:
    • SSC will now create & delete SSC data when accounts are added and deleted.
    • When seeding the database for SSC, NetItem's max inventory size will be used rather than an arbitrary size.
    • Added a permission, tshock.godmode.other, which grants a player the ability to grant god mode to another player.
    • Added silent command prefixes, with limited support in TShock commands. The silent command prefix, set in the config file, defines the prefix to be used when executing a command silently. For example, /bloodmoon vs !bloodmoon will either output to the originating player only, or the entire server.
    • TShock now saves the world when the last player exists.
    • TShock now changes the window title to reflect an empty server when the last player exits.
    • Added support for logging to the database, in addition to a text file.
    • Changed the version command to no longer return the active and maximum players on the server.
    • Removed all deprecated TShock methods that were kept for more than one version back.
    • Console title now says "TShock for Terraria," not "TerrariaShock." Removed ASCII startup logo.
    • Re-added stat tracker.
    • The /stats command has been renamed /serverinfo.
    • Added hooks for region enter, region exit, region creation, and region deletion.
    Notable changes in TerrariaServerAPI:
  5. Maka
    Created by Maka
    Mar 7, 2015
    When we started the TShock project, we always had some form of realtime chat. This ranged in purposes, from support to just general chatter. We've used two IRC networks, irc.shankshock.com (our self hosted solution) and Rizon, but both require complex clients to setup and use in any effective manner. When we upgraded to XenForo 1.4.5, we lost the ability for EzIRC to relay chat to IRC, and at the same time realized we no longer had control over the #tshock channel on Rizon. From there, we silently switched to using the shoutbox for chat, but this proved to be more than unstable -- chat messages would be delayed, and using the shoutbox was a frustrating experience from mobile.

    From all of this, we've decided to move to Slack, a high powered real time chat application for teams. You have to register an account, but you can add a profile photo and join several different channels for discussing TShock in there. We have a support room, so you can ask for help, and everything is archived and chat can be viewed several days back. It's searchable, and it has custom emoji, just like the forums.

    You can sign up using the banner on the right hand side of the forums. It sends you an invite, and you can login and chat with everyone. If you're a plugin developer, you can chat with only the TShock developers directly if you like, and you can request a channel (via the concierge channel) for your own plugins too.

    I'm excited to see the possibilities you come up with. Here's what it looks like:


    Oh yeah -- this means that you won't be seeing any more updates to the shoutbox archive. I've got more time to go stop the madness from spreading, though, so that's a good thing!

    See you all later!

    - Maka