1. nicatronTg
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    Apr 1, 2016
    In honor of Australia's National History Day, we are commemorating Australia with this new, specially designed website layout. This website language is the native tongue of Australia, Australian.
  2. nicatronTg
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    Mar 22, 2016
  3. nicatronTg
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    Jan 5, 2016
    Stickers have been discontinued. New donors can no longer request stickers.
  4. nicatronTg
    Created by nicatronTg
    Jan 1, 2016
    Welcome to TShock 4.3.12 for Terraria and TerrariaAPI v1.22. This release fixes some bugs with Terraria functionality, as well as introduces some changes for the stat tracking system. Download now, via Github Releases.

    Notable changes include:
    • Fixed issues with TSPlayer.SetTeam not working (@Wight)
    • Fixed /butcher not killing bosses in expert difficulty (@Wight)
    • API: Deprecated PacketBufferer (now obviated by SendQ) (@Wight)
    • API: Building on Windows no longer breaks traps (@Wolfje)
    • Fixed bombs, dynamite, and sticky bombs (@Wolfje)
    • Removed spammy messages from OnSecondUpdate that confused some server owners (@Wolfje)
    • Rewrote some stat tracker code to send actually relevant data to the stats server (@George)
    • Added an opt-out command line switch to disable the stat tracker (--stats-optout) (@George)
    • Added a unique provider token which can be passed to the stat tracker (--provider-token [token]) for tracking servers from the same GSP. (@George)
  5. Wight
    Created by Wight
    Oct 26, 2015
    Welcome to TShock v4.3.11 for Terraria v1.3.08. Download now.

    This version features a drop-in tile replacement system by @Wolfje that reduces RAM requirements by up to 70% on all worlds and CPU requirements up to 10% in the running process.
    • Large worlds: from 700MB-1GB -> ~325MB
    • Medium worlds: from 500MB -> ~200MB
    • Small worlds: from 400MB -> ~125MB
    Plugin developers: any current plugin that makes use of Main.tile must be recompiled with a reference to the new terrariaserver.exe.

    Other notable changes include:
    • API: Fixed some possible packet leaks in sendq (@Wolfje)
    • API: API Version 1.22 - please update your plugins accordingly
    • API: Added crash protection around malicious and/or invalid packets (@Wolfje)
    • API: Fixed worlds not loading sometimes (@tysonstrange)
    • API: Fixed living leaf walls not working as housing (@hastinbe)
    • Fixed an issue preventing some players from joining when the world is saving (@Wolfje)
    • Fixed an issue adding a ban on a player who has previously been banned (@Wolfje)
    • Fixed /invade martian (@Wolfje)
    • Fixed target dummies not working properly (@Wight)
    • Added a config option (DisableSecondUpdateLogs) to prevent log spam from OnSecondUpdate() (@Wight)
    • Added RESTful API login rate limiting (@George)
    • Added config options (MaximumRequestsPerInterval, RequestBucketDecreaseIntervalMinutes, LimitOnlyFailedLoginRequests) for rate limiting (@George)
    • DEPRECATION: Deprecated Disable(string, bool) and added Disable(string, DisableFlags). Please update your plugins accordingly (@Wight)
    • Fixed Halloween and Christmas events not working properly...