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1.23 (obsolete) AdminExtension 1.0.2

More commands for admins.

  1. Professor X
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    • /killall - kills all players on the server (unless they have the bypass permission)
    • /autokill - autokills a player
    • /healall - heals all players on the server
    • /autoheal - autoheals a player
    • /forcepvp - forces a player's PvP
    • /ghost - makes the player invisible
    • /butchernpc - butchers a certain NPC type
    • /butcherfriendly - butchers all friendly NPCs
    • /findperm - searches permissions for the given command

Recent Updates

  1. API 1.23
  2. Fixed /ghost for SSC
  3. 1.21 API Tick

Recent Reviews

  1. yperz
    Version: 1.0.2
    I'd give 5 stars if it had more team commands :P e.g: /allteam <team>, /teampvp <team>, /teamtp <team> and such.
    1. Professor X
      Author's Response
      There was a plugin that did this exactly. I personally do not see it fit into this plugin. It's called "AdminExtension", not "TeamExtension" after all.