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2.1 Advanced Circuits 1.6.3

Adds a completely rewritten and extended wiring engine to TShock servers

  1. CoderCow
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    Advanced Circuits Plugin

    The Revolutionized Wiring

    Advanced Circuits is the long awaited revolution of the Terraria wiring mechanism, adding a completely rewritten and extended wiring engine to TerrariaAPI and TShock driven Terraria servers.

    Beside keeping and extending Terraria's vanilla circuits and components, a new type of circuit is added called "advanced circuit" giving players the freedom of building complex systems using two state signals with binary logic and new types of components.

    Several configuration settings allow you to get the most out of this plugin. This includes a mighty configuration mechanism of statues and traps and their performed actions when powered.

    To learn more about how to use Advanced Circuits, have a look on this more or less up-to-date guide here or the older guide in the wiki.

    Note that this plugin doesn't support all vanilla Terraria wiring features. It doesn't currently work with Terraria's logic gates and some other objects.

    Releases of this plugin use Semantic Versioning.

    How to Install

    Note: This plugin requires TerrariaAPI-Server and TShock in order to work. You can't use this with a vanilla Terraria server.

    Grab the latest release and put the .dll files into your server's ServerPlugins directory. Also put the contents of the tshock/ folder into your server's tshock folder. You may change the configuration options to your needs by editing the tshock/Advanced Circuits/Config.xml file.

    Plugin Compatibility

    This plugin will cooperate with Sign Commands if installed. Wired signs with a sign command can then be triggered by Advanced Circuits to have the commands executed for the player who triggered the circuit. Note that this will not work when Infinite Signs is installed.

    If Protector is installed, then the /ac switch command will not work on protected objects.

    • /advancedcircuits|ac [info]
    • /advancedcircuits|ac switch [+p]
    • /advancedcircuits|ac commands
    • /advancedcircuits|ac blocks
    • /advancedcircuits|ac reloadcfg
    To get more information about a command type /<command> help ingame.

    • ac.reloadcfg - to reload the configuration file.
    • ac.trigger.teleporter - to trigger teleporters. Note that this is a trigger permission, not a usage permission. Players without this permission can still use a teleporter when another player who has this permission triggers it.
    • ac.wire.teleporter - to wire teleporters.
    • ac.wire.boulder - to wire boulders.
    • ac.trigger.blockactivator - to trigger block activators.
    • ac.wire.sign - to wire signs.
    • ac.trigger.signcommand - to trigger sign commands.
    • ac.passivetrigger.sign - to passively trigger signs.
    Aswell as self defined permissions in the configuration file.


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