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2.1 AFK Warp / Kick 1.3.3

Idle players will be warped/kicked after a defined time. Originally developed by DarkunderdoG

  1. bippity
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    Originally developed by DarkunderdoG (https://tshock.co/xf/index.php?threads/1-15-afk-warp-kick-plugin.2594/)

    When a player is idle/afk for a defined time, the server will warp the player to the "afk" warp or when the player types "/afk".
    This update fixes the spamming errors when the "afk" warp/region is not defined. /back was changed to /return due to command conflict with Essentials+.

    • /afktime - provides the player details about their afk status
    • /afk - warps the user to afk
    • /return - warps the player back to original position (Talking or leaving the afk region also does this)
    • /afkwarptime <seconds> - Changes the duration of when a player is warped to afk
    • /afkkicktime <seconds> - Changes the duration of when a player is kicked from being afk
    • /afkreload - reloads the AFK config file

    Config File: (AFKconfig.json)
      "afkwarp": true, <---Enable/Disable warp players to afk
      "afkkick": false, <---Enable/Disable kick players in afk
      "afkwarptime": 300, <---Duration in seconds before being warped to afk
      "afkkicktime": 700, <---Duration in seconds before being kicked
      "afkspam": 20, <--Delay in seconds before the player can use /afk again
      "awayMessage": "{player} is away.", <--Broadcasted message when player is afk
      "returnMessage": "{player} is no longer afk." <--Broadcasted message when player returns

    For AFK Warp:
    Create a region called "afk".
    Create a warp called "afk" within the afk region.
    To hide the warp from the warp list...
    /warp hide afk true
    Now users can use /afk
    For AFK Kick:
    No setup required other than to have it enabled. It will warn players 3 times before kicking them. (at 70%, 80%, and 90% of the afkkicktime)
    Give user groups "afk.nokick" to prevent those users from being kicked.

    sleeping by Hadi Davodpour from the Noun Project
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  1. OFF
    Version: 1.1
    Awesome but you should fix where the player can go afk while being afk.
    1. bippity
      Author's Response
      You mean when they're not signed in?