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2.0 (obsolete) AntiLag

Clears trash items.

  1. Jewsus

Recent Reviews

  1. tanpro260196
    Ok, by a simple test, it seem that all this plugin do is auto clear item after a period of time, aka exactly what I can do with timecmd + OnStartup plugin.
    even worse, it does not allow me to modify the time interval. Ultimately kinda useless.
    1. Jewsus
      Author's Response
      This plugin only executes the clear items method once server reaches a threshold. Technically you might never see this plugin ever activate if your users handle their trash correctly. I am pretty sure your timed command just fires off periodically regardless as to what items are populating your world. It might just be me but I think clearing items when needed and not via a preset timer is more of a handy feature than what you currently use.