2.1 AutoBoss 2.6.1

Working update for API 2.1

  1. LouisAlexandreP
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    This is a working fork update from Wight's https://github.com/QuiCM/AutoBoss for API 2,1.

    With a slight improvement to commands to make the return messages shorter.
    What is AutoBoss+?
    AutoBoss+ is a continuation of the idea started by InanZen: It spawns bosses in defined places (using regions).
    However, AutoBoss+ takes the original idea further by offering unlimited arenas and a variety of other expansions.

    • /boss - Is the base command which contains a variety of subcommands.
      • subcommands
        • toggle - enables and disables the countdown timer for the bosses
        • reload - attempts to reload the config file, and will (hopefully) tell you why it failed, if it does.
        • list [boss/minions] - lists the active bosses or minions in the current battle
        • config - Displays a lot of information about your config setup
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