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1.22 (obsolete) AutoBoss+ 2.6

Automagic boss spawning arena(s)

  1. 1.22 API

    1.22 API Update
  2. 1.21 API tick

    And a bug fix
  3. 1.20 API tick

    Updated for 1.20 API version
  4. Api 1, 17 compatibility

    Keepin' up to date, yo
  5. Version 2.6

    Fixed the issue where only 1 boss of each specified type was spawned, no matter how many were defined in config.
    Also removed /boss config and /boss list as they had issues and were annoying.
    The spawn timer will now stop when the last player on a server leaves. If you have AutoStartEnabled set to true in your config then the timer will start again when a player joins.
    The DifferentMinionsToSpawn config option has been removed as it was unused.
    For anyone wanting to modify the source,...