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1.17 (obsolete) BanByHostname v1.2.1

Lets you ban users by their hostname, thus preventing IP ban evading.

  1. Loganizer
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    Note: this plugin is a bit buggy, but still functional.
    Author: Me! (Loganizer)

    Do you want to ban someone but their IP keeps changing? You can now ban by hostname, which is specific to the ISP or router of the person you are trying to ban, preventing IP ban evading.
    The hostname does not have to match exactly, but just contain what you want to ban. Example: if someone has the hostname something.example.com, you could ban just example.com.

    Command: /hostname <subcommand> <parameters>
    Subcommands with their parameters:
    • ban <player> [reason] -- this bans a player by their hostname. Note that it will not kick them. Default reason is "misbehavior."
    • banhost <hostname> [reason] -- this bans the hostname specified. Default reason is "misbehavior."
    • check <player> -- this will return the hostname of the player specified. Alias: view.
    • viewlist -- this will return all of the hostname bans. Alias: checklist.
    • unban <hostname> -- Unbans the hostname specified. Alias: delete.
    Ignore the BannedHostnames.json file, it contains the bans. You could manually add one, but the command is easier.

    • Kick the user when you ban their hostname.
    • Suggest things!
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