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2.1 BatteriesNotIncluded 1.0.0

A minigame plugin containing Duels, CTF, TDM, and Splatoon!

  1. Johuan
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    This plugin allows players to play minigames such as CTF, TDM, Splatoon, and Duels.

    Starting/Joining Minigames
    To start a minigame, type /start <gamemode> <optional: arena name>
    You will automatically join any game you start (This can be changed in the config)

    To join an active vote, type /join

    To duel someone, type /duel <name> <optional: arena name>

    Arena Creation
    To create an arena, type /arena create <type> <arena name>
    In the arena creation process, hit or place blocks to set key points for the arena. After all points have been placed, the arena will be created.

    Type /arena to see other subcommands, such as listing and deleting arenas.

    - CTF
    Travel to the enemy flag point and bring it back to your own flag to score.

    - TDM
    Fight in teams in order to get a set score of kills the fastest.

    - Splatoon
    Using projectiles, paint the most blocks and walls in the arena in a set amount of time.

    - Duel
    Fight someone 1 on 1 in order to settle on who's the best fighter.

    bni.join - Permission to /join minigames
    bni.start - Permission to /start minigames
    bni.arena - Permission to list arenas with /arena
    bni.arenacreate - Permission to create arenas with /arena (also requires bni.arena permission)
    bni.duel - Permission for duels
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