2.1 BindTools 1.3

Execute commands by using item. Rewrite of InanZen's AdminTools with Jewsus's support.

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    Enables the binding of commands to items in hotbar or cursor.

    /bindtool (/bt) command:
    • /bindtool [-flags] commands; separated; by semicolon.
    • Available flags:
      • -l will loop trough commands in order
      • -s will bind item only at certain slot
      • -p will bind item only with certain prefix
      • -d will add bind to database, so it will be saved and can be used after rejoin
      • -w instead of execution will add command to queue, so you could add parameters later
      • -c will clear all commands from the item at certain slot with certain prefix
        • -csp = clear any bind on item
        • -cs = clear binds on item with certain prefix, but any slot
        • -cp = clear binds on item with certain slot, but any prefix
      • You can combine flags:
        • -spd = slot + prefix + database
        • -wd = awaiting + database
    • /bindtool list - shows all active binds with full information
    • /bindtool help - this information
      • /bindtool help wait - information about queued commands

    /bindwait (/bw) command:
    • Syntax:
      • Text format uses {Num} syntax. Parameters start from 0.
      • For example /bt /region allow "{0}" "Region Name" will allow you to use /bw Player1, /bw "Player 2", etc.
    • /bindwait - shows current awaiting command
    • /bindwait list - shows all queued commands
    • /bindwait skip <count / all> - removes commands from queue
    /bindglobal (/bgl) command:
    • /bindglobal add [Name] [ItemID] [Permission] [SlotID] [PrefixID] [Looping] [Awaiting] commands; separated; by semicolon - adds global bind
      • SlotID: -1 for any; 1-10 - hotbar; 100 for cursor
      • PrefixID: -1 for any
      • Looping and Awaiting: true/false
      • Requires bindtools.admin permission
    • /bindglobal del [Name] - removes global bind
      • Requires bindtools.admin permission
    • /bindglobal list - shows all global binds you allowed to use
    /bprefix (/bpr) command:
    • /bindprefix [PrefixID] - changes item's prefix you hold
    • /bindprefix add group [Name] [Permission] [AllowedPrefixes (1 3 10...)] - adds prefix group
      • Requires bindtools.admin permission
    • /bindprefix del group [Name] - removes prefix group
      • Requires bindtools.admin permission
    • /bindprefix <add/del> prefix [Name] [PrefixID] - adds/removes prefix in prefix group
      • Requires bindtools.admin permission
    • /bindprefix list - shows all prefixes you allowed to use
    • /bindprefix listgr - shows all prefix groups
      • Requires bindtools.admin permission

    Binds info:
    • You can create few binds on same item, if using different slots or prefixes
    • Binds can be overwritten:
      • If you create general bind, all specific binds will be removed
      • If you create specific bind, general bind will be removed
    • You can't overwrite global bind if you don't have bindtools.overwrite permission
    • You can't use all prefixes in /bprefix command if you don't have bindtools.allowprefix permission or permission of certain prefix group.
    (Icons credit: Re-Logic)
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Recent Updates

  1. Added global binds and prefix groups.

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