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2.1 Buff Emotions 2.0.0

Emoticons Buff

  1. Buff Emotions Updated!

    It's Updated It took Way Way way 2 long well ye...

    I Just Updated the API to 2, 1

    And one New command /OOF

    Have a Nicerria Day
  2. New Command

    New Command /Sexy
    Requested command

    Api tick 1. 25
  3. API 1.25 Update

    Updated it to 1.25 API
  4. 1.22 Api Update + New commands

    ~API UPDATE 1.22

    ~New commands Added

  5. Api Version up to date

    Fixed The CS file of github now here it is!

    Succesfull Done No problems Api Version Updated to Last version

    Want More Commmands Ask me ;)