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1.20 (obsolete) C3Mod - Mod

This Mod adds some GameMode for Terraria! For axample Capture the Flag

  1. PlayKampfschaf
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    It is a Game Modes plugin (original by Twitchy) that runs directly with TShock. Its super simple to setup too! It allows you to create your own arenas, set flag rooms and spawn points and have working automated Game Modes run on your server. Teams for each game are autoassigned, PvP is autoforced. Teleporting out the arena is blocked.

    This modded version also includes a working Apocalypse Mode!

    /addctfarena [Arena Name]
    /addoneflagarena [Arena Name]
    /addtdmarena [Arena Name]
    /addduelarena [Arena Name]
    /vote [gametype] [arena ID] - ID defaults to 1, which means you don't need to include the ID
    /stop [gametype]
    /duel [arena ID] "[Name]" - Name MUST be in quotes, allows you to choose arena ID
    /duel [name] - Name does not need to be in quotes, ID defaults to 1
    /setctflimit [number]
    /setoneflaglimit [number]
    /settdmlimit [number]
    /setduellimit [number]
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