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1.23 (obsolete) Cards Against Humanity

Adds a fun minigame to the server

  1. Ancientgods
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    This plugin adds in a Cards Against Humanity game that is not chat-based for an easy overview, players have to supply their own answers to a randomly selected question.

    Each round one person gets to be the czar (judge) and picks who gave the funniest answer.

    By default there are 15 rounds, and a maximum of 7 players can join.
    These options are configurable in the config file.

    The plugin's config comes pre-installed with around 2000 questions, so you can plug it in and start playing right away.

    You need a minimum of 3 players to start a game.

    The config file can be found in /TShock/CardsAgainstHumanity.json


    /cah join - Join the game
    /cah leave - Leave the game
    /cah answer <answer> - give your answer for the current round
    /cah win <id> - choose which answer wins the round
    /cah spectate - spectate the current game
    /cah start - start the game
    /cah stop - stop the current game
    /cah lock - toggles the lock status, if the game is locked nobody else can join. (If it is unlocked players can join while the mid-game)

    cah.play - normal commands to play the game.
    cah.admin - cah admin commands.

    By default the game will automaticly start in a minute after 3 players join. if you wish to disable autostart you can find this in the config file.

    Credit to Jewsus for making me a list of ~2000 questions
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