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1.17 (obsolete) ChangeName 1.2.5

Allows changing a player's name.

  1. Simon311
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    • Allows changing a player's name
    • Allows chatting from console rather than "broadcasting"
    • changenames - Allows /chname
    • oldnames - Allows /oldname
    • selfname - Allows /selfname
    • /chname [player] [newname] - Changes [player]'s name to [newname]
    • /selfname [newname] - Changes your name to [newname]
    • /oldname [player] - Retrieves [player]'s old name
    • /chat [message] - Sends a usual chat message
    • Read "Usage" to have basic understanding of how all this works
    • /chname finds player by part of his name or by IX.
    • /chname accepts extra argument. If it is present (doesn't really matter what it is) - broadcast "[player] has changed [oldName]'s to [newName]" will NOT appear. (Example: /chname Someone Someone1 true)
    • /selfname can be used in console, that would change its name (default is Server) to a name you want. Then, you can execute commands just as if you were on the server, it will show the name you set.
    • You can actually "chat" from console using /chat . It will show the message as if you were on the server, useful with /selfname.
    • /chat works as if EnableChatAboveHeads=false, even if it is not
    • v. 1.2.5 - API 1.17
    • v. 1.2.4 - API 1.16
    • v. 1.2.3 - API 1.15
    • v. - Another check to /selfname.
    • v. - Added some checks to /selfname. /chname still allows you to mess around in any way you want.
    • v.1.2.2 - ChatAboveHeads is now completely handled by TShock.
    • v.1.2.1 - Added tshock.canchat permission check for /all
    • v.1.2 - TShock 4.2 + HousingDistricts fix (the double-chat with House chat bug)
    • v. - Deprected extra argument for /selfname
    • v. - Fixed Bug with ChatAboveHeads
    • v. - Added ChatAboveHeads support
    Feel free to post suggestions! :)