1.17 (obsolete) ChestLimiter 1.1.1

Limits the amount of chests a player can place.

  1. Enerdy
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    This plugin requires .NET Framework 4.5.

    This is an attempt at enforcing the management of chests in servers not running Infinite Chests - this might become painful as a lot of players love to lay down chests and ruin other player's experience as the limit is achieved.

    Plugin Features:

    • Everytime an user places down a chest, it'll be added to their list of chests.
    • If an user has reached their chest cap and tries to place down a new chest, it will be removed and the user will be warned (similar to region protection).
    • Dynamic user-based cap which can be increased by admins (the default is 5, which by itself is configurable).
    • Can exempt user groups or set an user's limit to * (unlimited).
    • Will also help keeping track of who owns which chest!

    • /climit <user name> [params...] - The main command. Can be used to check your own limit and how many chests you have placed. If a name is provided, it will display the entered user's limit, if possible. In addition, you may provide a named parameter to affect target user's limit:
      • -l *|[+-]digit - Modifies an user's limit. * sets it to unlimited. Any digit (number) may be inputted to set the limit to that digit. A plus (+) or minus (-) sign before the digit will increase/decrease the limit by that digit.
    • /cowner - Open a chest after using this command; Will display a chest's coordinates, along with its owner, if possible.
    • /cprune - Prunes any non-existant chest present in the database. This helps fixing the "holes" left when removing chests through a command (such as WorldRefill's /genchests).