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1.17 (obsolete) ChestLimiter 1.1.1

Limits the amount of chests a player can place.

First of all, download and install .NET Framework 4.5 if you haven't already.

Download ChestLimiter.dll to your ServerPlugins folder, and restart TerrariaServer.exe if running. Run the server once to generate a the config file.

This plugin uses a JSON-encoded config, which is kept at /tshock/ChestLimiter/ChestLimiter.json. It has the following values:

-> AnnounceOnPlacement [string/null] - A message to be sent to a player everytime they place down a chest. If it is null or empty(""), no message will be sent.
* You may use {0} to represent an user's chest count.
* You may use {1} to represent an user's chest limit.

-> BaseLimit [number] - The default limit which will be set on every user. This can be increased through commands.

-> StorageType [sqlite/mysql] - A string, which should be either 'sqlite' or 'mysql'; represents the storage type for the user limit database. If you choose mysql, use the configuration settings below to set up your database.
* MySqlHost [host:n] - The MySql host.
* MySqlDbName [string] - The MySql database name.
* MySqlUsername [string] - The MySql username; used when connecting to the database.
* MySqlPassword [string] - The MySql password; used when connecting to the database.