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1.17 (obsolete) ChestLimiter 1.1.1

Limits the amount of chests a player can place.

  1. Fix mysql support & add range checks

    This plugin shall no longer throw unhandled exceptions when bad chest packets with out of range coordinates are received! I also fixed MySQL support, so it should create the table properly now.
  2. ChestLimiter Overhaul - Now much more stable, and compatible with TSAPI 1.17

    ApiVersion tick to 1.17, along with large plugin refactoring. It should now work much better. Unfortunately, this update breaks every existing ChestLimiter database, so you will have to start a new (the previous version wasn't working properly, so most databases would probably be corrupt anyway).

    • Added reloading the config/database with TShock's built-in /reload command!
    • Config file and database (when sqlite) are now stored as 'ChestLimiter.json' and 'ChestLimiter.sqlite',...