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2.1 Clans 1.0

Allows players to create clans.

  1. Professor X
    API Version:
    TShock Version:
    Source URL:
    Original idea by @Ancientgods.

    Clan Commands:
    • /clan create <clan name>
      • Creates a new clan with the specified name
    • /clan disband
      • Disbands the current clan
    • /clan friendlyfire
      • Toggles friendly fire (when OFF, PvP damage will have no effect when dealt by other members)
    • /clan motd [motd]
      • Prints or sets the clan's message of the day
    • /clan prefix <new prefix>
      • Sets the clan's prefix
    • /clan color <rrr,ggg,bbb>
      • Sets the clan's chat color
    • /clan setrank <player name> <rank name>
    • Sets a player's rank
    • /clan kick <player name>
      • Kicks a player from the clan
    • /clan quit
    • /clan leave
      • Leaves the clan
    • /clan invite <Player name>
      • Invites a player to join the clan
    • /clan accept
      • Accepts a clan invitation
    • /clan decline
      • Declines a clan invitation
    • /clan members
      • Lists the clan's members.
    • /clan list
      • Lists all clans
    • /csay <message>
    • /c <message>
    • Sends a message to the clan
    ClanRank Commands:
    • /clanrank add <rank name>
      • Creates a new rank with the specified name
    • /clanrank del <rank name>
      • Deletes the specified rank
    • /clanrank addperm <rank name> <permissions>
    • /clanrank delperm <rank name> <permissions>
      • Modifies a rank's permissions
    • /clanrank tag <rank name> <tag>
      • Modifies a rank's display tag
    • MaximumNameLength: The maximum name length
    • MaximumPrefixLength: The maximum prefix length
    • ChatFormat : Defines the in-game chat format (uses TShock's regular ChatFormat if not specified)
      • {0} = Player name
      • {1} = Group name
      • {2} = Group prefix
      • {3} = Group suffix
      • {4} = Clan prefix
      • {5} = Message
    • ClanChatFormat: Defines the clan chat format
      • {0} = Player name
      • {1} = Rank tag
      • {2} = Message
    • ChatColorsEnabled : Whether the player's clan chat color will be used instead of his original group color
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    This plugin was exactly what i needed all along! my clan server feels complete because of this
  2. Loohney
    It's a great addition to RPG-Servers once its running. But it needs to be polished!