2.1 Clans 1.0

Allows players to create clans.

  1. Clans v1.0 for TShock v4.3.25

    Professor X
  2. API 2.1

    Professor X
    Compiled against TShock 4.3.24
  3. Fixed issues with /clan disband

    Professor X
    /clan disband no longer throws exceptions when used. Permissions have been separated into: clans.create - /clan create, clans.chat - /csay and clans.use - all other /clan commands.
  4. API 1.23

    Professor X
    The plugin has been rewritten and updated. The new version does not contain every command the old plugin did (such as /clan tp, /clan spawn etc), but they will get added if needed later. Note: you will need to delete the old database files in case you still have them.
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  5. Should fix nullreference exception

    Professor X
    Should fix nullreference exception