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1.17 (obsolete) Command Timelines 1.0.3

Create custom-made macros with an easy-to-understand programming language

  1. GameRoom
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    Commands (you can use /tl instead of /timeline):
    /timeline start <file> [arguments] - Starts a macro with the given filename. If any arguments are defined, type those too.
    /timeline stop <file> - Stops the macro with the given filename.
    /timeline show - Shows all running macros.


    Let's say you want a game to start in 30 seconds. You type /timeline start wait30secs.txt. Before doing this, you must create the macro. Go into TShock/tshock and create the new file, wait30secs.txt. In it should be something like this:
    //This is a comment.
    #wait 1000 //The timeline will wait for 1000 milliseconds.
    bc The game is starting in 30 seconds.
    #wait 15000
    bc 15 seconds...
    #wait 5000
    bc 10 seconds
    #wait 1000
    bc 9
    #wait 1000
    bc 8
    #wait 1000
    bc 7
    #wait 1000
    bc 6
    #wait 1000
    bc 5
    #wait 1000
    bc 4
    #wait 1000
    bc 3
    #wait 1000
    bc 2
    #wait 1000
    bc 1
    #wait 1000
    bc The game has started!
    antibuild off
    As you can see, executing a command is just as easy as doing so in the server console. You also have the command #wait <milliseconds>. But what if you want something more complicated? This example shows how to pass arguments into a macro.
    #req name, adjective, adjective2
    #wait 500
    bc {0} is {1}.
    #wait 2000
    bc {0} really is {2}.
    The #req command should be passed at the start of the code, and it sends an error message to the player if he doesn't have the proper arguments, which are separated with commas. You can replace any bit of code with these arguments. You're not just limited to text; you could, for example, have one of the arguments be an entire command, you could modify how long to wait at a point, or you could even use an argument to switch a comment on or off.

Recent Reviews

  1. Kojiro_S
    Version: 1.0.3
    Really easy to create a batch of commands with this plugin for making certain tasks way easier. The format is also easy to understand and each script just uses an everyday text file, so creating and editing your batch scripts is quick and painless.