2.1 Custom Items 1.1

Spawn any item with custom attributes

  1. Johuan
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    Allows you to spawn an item with custom attributes
    These items will reset when you drop it, store the item in a chest or other container, or leave the server, so you cannot transfer it to another person.

    /customitem <itemid/itemname> <parameters> <#>
    /citem for short

    /givecustomitem <playername> <itemid/itemname> <parameters> <#>
    /gcitem for short

    • hexcolor (hc)
      • Gives a custom color to an item (client side)
      • Example of hex: 0000FF is blue
    • damage (d)
      • Custom damage to an item
    • knockback (kb)
      • Custom knockback
    • useanimation (ua)
      • Amount of time an item will linger when a player uses it
      • Use with usetime so when an item has finished firing, the animation will finish at the same time
    • usetime (ut)
      • Amount of time it takes to use
    • shoot (s)
      • The projectile shot by an item
    • shootspeed (ss)
      • The speed of the projectile shot by an item
    • width (w)
      • Width of an item (client side)
    • height (h)
      • Height of an item (client side)
    • scale (sc)
      • The multiplier of an item's size when it is used (client side)
    • ammo (a)
      • Gives an item the ammo attribute
    • useammo
      • Tells when ammo an item uses
      • useammo 0 means the weapon will not use ammo
    • notammo (na)
      • Tells whether an item is not an ammo
      • Either true or false
    Order doesn't matter when inputting parameters. You can put any parameters you need, however you want them.


    Chlorophyte shotbow that shoots cannonballs really fast

    /customitem "chlorophyte shotbow" scale 2 damage 400 useammo 0 shoot 162 shootspeed 25 usetime 4


    A pink sword that matches Cloud's sword hitbox in SSB4

    /customitem "breaker blade" scale 3 hc ffaaaa


    Vampire Knives that use Shadowflame Knife as ammo

    /citem "vampire knives" shootspeed 20 useanimation 10 usetime 3 useammo 1
    /citem "shadowflame knife" ammo 1



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