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1.23 (obsolete) Custom NPCS v1.4

Server Side Monsters, Custom Monsters Reborn

  1. Pychnight
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    A new era of Terraria server hosting has arrived with the ability to create Server side monsters and epic boss battles with power of C#, This plugin has the ability to replace all of the existing boss fight plugins and NPC modification plugins out there (the only exception to this is npc bots plugin)

    This plugin will allow you to create monsters with Custom Health, Name, ID, Ability's and Completely Custom AI.

    You can change Values that are not hard coded

Recent Updates

  1. Custom Npcs V1.4

Recent Reviews

  1. Deviman
    Version: 1.2
    I was wondering, for people who don't know C# if there is potential for a small database of custom mobs people have put together to share. Just an idea, thought i'd share it. Amazing btw. ^^
    1. Pychnight
      Author's Response
      it's possible, though the tshock resource system could easily be flooded with plugins designed for this. so, it's up to the tshock developers on what to do for sub plugins.
  2. NAGU
    Version: 1.2