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1.21 (obsolete) Destroyer of Worlds 1.1

Death and destruction

  1. Wight
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    Have you ever felt like people take things for granted too much?
    This plugin is assured to make people value what they have on your server.
    Spawn a mechanical boss and watch it take everything you've ever loved.

    • Large-scale destruction
    • Makes those annoying metal bosses MEAN something again
    • Seriously, lots of destruction.

    This plugin makes the destroyer, skeletron prime, and the twins destroy tiles they pass through. Use with caution.
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Recent Updates

  1. Updated download link
  2. 1.21 API tick
  3. 1.20 API tick

Recent Reviews

  1. Ijwu
    Version: 1.1
    10/10 would destroy my server again.