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2.1 Diemob Regions 1.0.2

Kills and/or modifies NPCs in given regions.

  1. Zaicon
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    DieMob Regions
    by InanZen, Hiarni, & Enerdy

    • Adds monster protection option to regions
    • Simply add existing regions to the list of regions you want to protect from monsters
    • Turn specific types of monsters into other monsters
    • Multi-world support

    /diemob <add/del> <region name>: Enables diemob functions on the given tshock region.
    /diemob info <diemob region name>: Displays diemob region information.
    /diemob reload: Reloads the diemob config file.
    /diemob list [page number]: Lists diemob-enabled regions.
    /diemob replacemobsinfo <diemob region name> (/dm rminfo): Lists enbaled mob replacements for a given region.
    /diemob mod <diemob region name> <parameters>
    type <kill/repel/passive>: Sets the diemob region mode to the specified type.
    affectfriendlynpcs <true/false>: Sets the diemob region to affect friendly NPCs (or not).
    affectstatuespawns <true/false>: Sets the diemob region to affect statue-spawned mobs (or not).
    replacemobs <add/del> <from mobID> [to mobID]: Sets the diemob region to replace any given type of mob with another.
    UpdateInterval: How often the plugin updates the NPCs
    RepelPowerModifier: How "far" an NPC will move when repelled.
      "UpdateInterval": 1000,
      "RepelPowerModifier": 1.0,
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Recent Updates

  1. API 2.1 Update
  2. API 2.0 Update
  3. Replacemobs Fix

Recent Reviews

  1. DragonZombie
    Version: 0.38
    This is very good, but there's an issue that i have
    colored slimes have no ID, it seems they are defined by name rather than id, only blue slimes have an id of 1, thus there's like no way to make them be able to be replaced
  2. zackman0010
    Version: 0.34
    Rating would've been higher, but the plugin was slightly bugged. I didn't see anywhere to report an issue, though.
    Deleting a region would not work. I used both superadmin and the console to attempt to delete a region, but it kept killing mobs.
    Secondly, mobs were still killed when in a region rather than being repelled.
    And, just a suggestion, but I'd like a filter of some kind so that I can control what mobs are killed and not. I wanted to set a diemob region around my house, but I also tend to spawn bosses there. The plugin still kills bosses as they pass through the region, and that's not a very satisfying win to me.
    1. Zaicon
      Author's Response

      Thanks for the detailed feedback! The bug relating to failing to delete diemob regions has been identified and will be fixed in the next release. I am unable to duplicate your bug about killing mobs when it should be repelling, although it may have had the same cause as the first bug.

      Your suggestion regarding "filtering" mobs is already being considered and may (possibly) be in the next release as well.
  3. Mimpster
    Version: 0.32
    This functions well for me. It's very satisfying knowing that you'll be safe when you have to retreat to a region because you need to go AFK.