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1.25 (obsolete) Emotes 1.0

Makes emotes pop up when specific chat messages are sent

  1. Wight
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    Provides emote pop-ups when you say stuff.
    Currently the following messages are automagically generated for you by the config file and can be used without any knowledge of regexes or JSON formats:

    Happy/laugh emote:
    one of : ; = + (optional) one of , . ' ^ o - + one of ) D
    Eg ;^D

    Heart emote:

    Kissy emote:
    one of : ; = + (optional) one of , . ' ^ o - + *
    Eg :-*

    Sleepy emote:
    3 or more zs. Can be upper and/or lowercase
    Eg zZzzzZ

    Confused emote:
    2 or more ?s
    Eg ?????

    Angry emote:
    one of D > ] + one of : ; = + (optional) one of , . ' ^ o - + one of ( < /
    Eg D:<
    Eg >:-(

    Cry emote:
    one of : = + one of , ' + one of ( / OR one of T ; + one of - _ + one of T ;
    Eg =,(
    Eg T_T

    RIP emote:
    one of R r + one of I i + one of P p
    Eg RIP

    Alternatively you can use a word to trigger an emote:

    Happy/laugh emote:
    :happy: or :smile: or :laugh: or :lol:

    Heart emote:
    :<3: or :love:

    Kissy emote:


    Sleepy emote:
    :zzz: or :sleepy: or :sleep:

    Confused emote:
    :confuse: or :???:

    Angry emote:
    :angry: or :grumpy: or :anger:

    Cry emote:
    :cry: or :sad:

    Rock, paper, scissors emote:
    :rock-paper-scissors: or :rps: or :r-p-s:

    RIP emote:

    If you have an other Terraria emotes you would like added, let me know :)

Recent Updates

  1. API version 1.25
  2. 1.22 API
  3. Added /emotes command

Recent Reviews

  1. Xanthor
    Version: 1.0
    A very interesting and communicative plugin. No longer are the cute little icon messages only given by the Np's,but can be used by all plus the ability to add more or lessen the amount which is great if your limited on ram and don't want to lag your server.