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1.20 (obsolete) English, plox. 1.3.1

Kicks non-english player names when they join

  1. Wolfje
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    English, plox.

    English, plox is a simple plugin for TSAPI that kicks people that have characters in their name that aren't on a standard US-keyboard. Terraria's console interface makes it extremely hard to manage players that have characters that are easily typed on a non-US keyboard, so this plugin enforces people to have standard reduced-set ASCII characters in their character names only.

    List of allowed characters in names
    List of denied characters in names
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Recent Updates

  1. English, plox. v1.3.1

Recent Reviews

  1. Blueforce
    Version: 1.3
    I've been using this since forever, it's easy to use and prevents countless headaches with no extra effort. Makes every aspect of managing players and their actions simpler by guaranteeing you can type their name, thanks for updating this
  2. 5/5,
    Version: 1.3
    Unicode can be funny for players maybe but it sure isn't fun for server owners and staff on any server having to work around it!
    This is running as intended for me and is already working wonders testing it live on my server. Thank you so much for yet another brilliant plugin! Making everything from adding players to a region all the way down to banning them if need be a much simpler task.