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2.0 (obsolete) Essentials+ 1.1.1

Useful commands for Terraria servers

  1. Wight
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    Essentials+ is a combination of things from Essentials and things from MoreAdminCommands made better. All commands run asynchronously.
    It does not include Sign Commands.

    • /find -> takes a variety of subcommands:
      • -command -> Searches for a specific command based on input, returning matching commands and their permissions.
      • -item -> Searches for a specific item based on input, returning matching items and their IDs.
      • -tile -> Searches for a specific tile based on input, returning matching tiles and their IDs.
      • -wall -> Searches for a specific wall based on input, returning matching walls and their IDs.
    • /freezetime -> Freezes and unfreezes time.
    • /delhome <home name> -> Deletes a home specified by <home name>.
    • /sethome <home name> -> Sets a home named <home name>.
    • /myhome <home name> -> Teleports you to your house named <home name>.
    • /kickall <flag> <reason> -> Kicks every player for <reason>. Valid flag: -nosave -> kick doesn't save SSC inventory.
    • /= -> Repeats your last entered command (not including other iterations of /=).
    • /mute -> Overwrites TShock's /mute. Has subcommands:
      • add <name> <time> -> Adds a mute on user with name <name> for <time>
      • delete <name> -> Removes a mute on user with name <name>
      • help -> Outputs command info
    • /pvp -> Enables/disables PvP status
    • /ruler [1|2] -> Measures distance between points 1 and 2.
    • /sudo [flag] <player> <command> -> Attempts to make <player> execute <command>. Valid flag: -force -> forces the command to be run, independent of <player>'s permissions. Players with the essentials.sudo.super permission can use /sudo on anyone.
    • /timecmd [flag] <time> <command> -> Makes <command> execute after <time>. Valid flag: -repeat -> Makes <command> repeat every <time>
    • /back [steps] -> Takes you back to your previous position. If [steps] is supplied, attempts to take you back to your positions [steps] steps ago.
    • /down [levels] -> Attempts to move you down the map. If [levels] is specified, attempts to move you down [levels] times.
    • /left [levels] -> Same as /down [levels], but to the left.
    • /right [levels] -> Same as /down [levels], but to the right.
    • /up [levels] -> Same as /down [levels], but upwards.
    This plugin was mostly made by @MarioE, who also added all the asynchronous support.
    The find command was contributed by @Wolfje.
    The up|down|left|right commands were contributed by @Ijwu.
    @Enerdy also contributed various parts to the plugin.
    Thank you guys.

    I personally did not much except host the repo. Please direct any gratitude you have to those fine members of the community.

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