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2.0 (obsolete) Essentials+ 1.1.1

Useful commands for Terraria servers

  1. API v2

    Updated for Mintaka
  2. API version 1.25

    Updated to work with API version 1.25
  3. API 1.2.3

    Updated for 1.2.3
  4. Fixed Homes not loading

    All home related commands should now work again
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  5. Added a multitude of new ways to store back locations

    You can now use /back to return to locations after:
    • Dying
    • Teleporting via the Rod of Discord (requires permission 'tshock.tp.rod'
    • Teleporting via a wormhole potion (requires permission 'tshock.tp.wormhole')
    • Teleporting by anything else that abuses the teleport packet (requires permission 'tshock.tp.wormhole')
    • Usage of the /warp command
    • Usage of the /spawn command
    • Usage of the /home command
    • Usage of the /tp command
    • Usage of the /tppos command
    • Usage of...
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  6. API 1.21

    Updated to API version 1.21
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  7. Homes now respect WorldID

    Homes will now only be loaded for the world they're valid for
  8. 1.20 API tick

    Updated for 1.20 API version
  9. Updated for API version 1,19

    Things may be broken. Report bugs if you find them
  10. Null check in OnJoin

    May prevent the exception some users have been experiencing