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2.1 FACommands 1.6.0

Fun and Admin Commands

  1. NewMineBartekSA
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    Originally by Hiarni & Zaicon

    I could not find the original resource page =/
    I hope that I have recreated this plugin well enough

    If you have an idea for a command, don't be shy and send it to me! I'll see what I can do to implement it! Best place to send your ideas is here!

    • /facreload - Reloads the config file
    • /bb - Short command for /bank bal
    • /h - Short command for /history
    • /ca - Clears all the items and projectiles
    • /ranklist - Shows rank list
    • /p1 and /p2 - Short command for //point1 and //point2
    • /more [all] - Fills up all your items to max stack
    • /npcr - Respawns all the Town NPS's
    • /obc <message> - Owner broadcast
    • /slay <player> <reason>
    • /fart <player>
    • /tickle <player>
    • /poke <player>
    • /spoke <player> - Super-Pokes the player
    • /stab <player>
    • /hug <player>
    • /lick <player>
    • /disturb <player>
    • /facepalm
    • /faceplant - You plant your face down!
    • /love <player>
    • /baby <player>
    • /kiss <player>
    • /slapall - Slaps all players online
    • /gift <player>
    • /uinfo <player> - Show basic info about player
    • /binfo <player> - Show basic info about banned players
    • /diceroll [min] [max]
    • /dr [min] [max] - Shorter version of /diceroll command
    You can set there a rank list, cooldowns time for all fun commands and values for dice roll command
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