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2.1 Helperbot 1.2.1

A bot with multiple utilities, such as a Q&A system.

  1. Important fix

    Now the bot ignores operations on a SyntaxErrorException.
    "how much is 2x2" raises it for example, you have to use "how much is 2*2"
  2. "Reminder" Update

    • The config variable "BotColor" is now a int array.
    • Added a reminder utility "remind me to x and x in 10 seconds/minutes/hours/days" permission: helperbot.remind
    • Beware, the reminder is removed on server restart.
    • Added a reload command /hb reload
  3. Regex update

    Now you can use regex in questions, read this
  4. api tick 2.1

    api tick 2.1