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1.24 (obsolete) HousingDistricts 2.4

A well-known plugin for protecting houses.

  1. Simon311
    API Version:
    TShock Version:
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    Description: A well-known plugin for protecting houses. Please read command descriptions and syntax in game. Please read config options descriptions in the generated config file (tshock/hconfig.json).

    By the way, I would appreciate some reviews.

    • house.admin - Bypass ownership checks for commands (for Admins)
    • house.bypasscount - Bypass house count checks (allows to have more houses than defined by config)
    • house.bypasssize - Bypass house size checks (bypass limitations on minimum/maximum size of a house, limitations defined in config)
    • house.edit - For editing all houses (for Admins)
    • house.use - Access to /house (ability to protect a house)
    • house.root - Access to reload and wipe ( /housereload and /housewipe )
    • house.lock - Access to /house lock (ability to lock houses from trespassers)
    • house.enterlocked - For entering any locked house
    • house.size.[int] - Overrides maximum house size set by config, does not inherit. Use like: house.size.1000
    • house.count.[int] - Overrides maximum house amount allowed for a player set by config, does not inherit. Use like: house.count.20
    • house.rod - Allows teleporting into houses using RoD (Rod of Discord), despite of AllowRod config option being false.

    • /house set [1,2] - Sets a point (1 = top left corner, 2 = bottom right corner)
    • /house add [name] - Creates a house with specified name (from points defined by /house set)
    • /house redefine [name] - Redefines a house using points set up with /house set [1,2]
    • /house list - Lists all current houses
    • /house allow [username] [housename] - Adds [username] to house [housename] as an owner. Use carefully, a new owner can as well just /house disallow you ;)
    • /house disallow [username] [housename] - Deletes [username] from [housename]'s owners
    • /house name - Allows to find out house's name by hitting a block.
    • /house delete [name] - Deletes a house.
    • /house clear - Cleares points set by /house set
    • /house info - Gives you most information about a house (Name, is locked, chat enabled, owners, visitors, is from an old world)
    • /house addvisitor [username] [housename] - Allows [username] to enter your locked house [housename].
    • /house delvisitor [username] [housename] - Deletes [username] from [housename]'s owners
    • /house lock [name] - Locks a house, no trespassers will be allowed to enter. Do not do while somebody else is inside the house, you might put them into infinite teleport loop.
    • /house reload - Reloads config and all houses.
    • /house chat [name] - Enables house-chat.
    • /all [message] - Allows to chat publically while being inside a house with house-chat enabled.
    • /housewipe [true] - Removes all houses, use on a new world.
    • /housereload - Alias for /house reload

    Version 2.4:
    • Updated to API 1.24
    • Revamped HConfig.cs
    • Optimized performance
    • Two new config options added: DisableUpdateTimer and RequirePermissionForAllow (default behaviour unaffected)
    Version 2.3:
    • Terraria 1.3 API 1.23 Update
    • You can now use The Grand Design to select protection area

    Version 2.1:
    • Terraria 1.3 API 1.18 Update

    Version 2.0.5:

    • API 1.17 Update

    Version 2.0.3:
    • 1.2.4 Update
    Version 2.o.2.7:
    • Fixed /grow
    • Increased thresholds
    • May or may not be fixed
    • Update for new Terraria
    • May or may not be broken
    • Fixed visitors bugs
    • Fixed help display
    • Fixed typos
    • Updated in-game help
    • /housewipe will now reset auto-increment value.
    • Fixed some bugs
    • Added Paint protection
    • Added TP protection
    • Fixed visitor commands editing owners instead
    • Removed deadlock detection
    • More fixing for false detection.
    • Fixed false detections.
    • "Fixed" timers issue. Just made it detect if a timer thread got deadlocked.
    • Added NotifyOwner, NotifyVisitor, NotifySelf in config, allows to control who gets the notifications and who does not
    • Added permissions: house.size.[int] and house.count.[int], allows to override config settings on maximum house size and maximum houses owned by a user for a certain group. Use like this: house.size.1000 or house.count.5
    • From now on players can't create houses that intersect any regions, unless they're allowed to build in the region their house intersects.
    • Some more optimizations, mostly on loops.
    • Overall performance adjustment (hoping this will finally fix deadlocks)
    • Fixes for a few unnoticed things
    • Deprecated owners, visitors, debug (now it is all called /house info)
    • Adjusted permissions to work right.
    • Not fixing anything, see next update.
    • Crash-proofing. Causing deadlocks :p
    • Added check for "tshock.canchat" permission for /all command
    • Added /housewipe - Deletes all houses, do on fresh world, requires house.root permission
    • Forgot to mention in previous changelog: /house redefine will also reset WorldID to current ;)
    Version 2.0.1:
    • From now on we're making sure a house is not overlapping World's spawn point
    • Added /house disallow, /house delvisitor, /house visitors
    • Renamed /house owner to /house owners
    • From now on we're making sure that a user is not yet owner/visitor in /house allow and /house addvisitor
    • Bugfix for House Owners not being able to enter their own locked house
    • Updated /house help
    Version 2.0:
    • Ported to SQL Queries
    • Added /house reload (alias for /housereload)
    • Added /house lock (/changelock deprecated)
    • /house reload now reloads database as well
    • /converthouse deprecated
    • Minor performance fixes
    • Fixed /house lock not working with NotifyOnEntry = false
    • Fixed all the commands to report "No such house!" instead of just "Command failed"
    • Fixed some WorldID related stuff
    • Added "World Mismatch: " to /house debug
    • Added notification if "/house add" hits a house made in another world
    • Probably some other fixes/optimizations I forgot to mention

    Note: Report bugs in the discussion thread.
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Recent Updates

  1. API 1.24, Version 2.4
  2. Version 2.3 API 1.23

Recent Reviews

  1. tanpro260196
    Version: 2.4
    This plugin just need a little bit of "update" to be perfect....
  2. 2/5,
    Version: 2.3
    Could make it a lot more simple and easier for users, relying on having to type the FULL house name is annoying when users use massive names. Perhaps its better to use the universal method and check if the user is in the house position saving them the hassle of using the name. Commands can be cleaner/shorter, and properly used with {0} rather than "+ player.Name +" .
  3. Mimpster
    Version: 2.1
    I love this plugin, it keeps the peace on my server.
  4. 5/5,
    Version: 2.1
    In my humble opinion, The best plugin for tshock.
  5. Patrikk
    Version: 2.0.5
    A solid plugin which gives the users protection and privacy from griefers and burglars. 10/9 would download