1.24 (obsolete) HousingDistricts 2.4

A well-known plugin for protecting houses.

house.admin - Bypass ownership checks for commands (for Admins)
house.bypasscount - Bypass house count checks (allows to have more houses than defined by config)
house.bypasssize - Bypass house size checks (bypass limitations on minimum/maximum size of a house, limitations defined in config)
house.edit - For editing all houses (for Admins)
house.use - Access to /house (ability to protect a house)
house.root - Access to reload and wipe ( /housereload and /housewipe )
house.lock - Access to /house lock (ability to lock houses from trespassers)
house.enterlocked - For entering any locked house
house.size.[int] - Overrides maximum house size set by config, does not inherit. Use like: house.size.1000
house.count.[int] - Overrides maximum house amount allowed for a player set by config, does not inherit. Use like: house.count.20
house.rod - Allows teleporting into houses using RoD (Rod of Discord), despite of AllowRod config option being false.