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1.17 (obsolete) IndigoIRC [Beta] 1.6.0

Provides an IRC connection from within the server.

  1. Ratismal
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    IndigoIRC. What is it?
    IndigoIRC is a Terraria IRC relay that allows you to chat on IRC from your Terraria server. I made this plugin to replace plugins such as TerrarIRC and TShockIRC, which have not been updated. This design of this plugin was inspired by PurpleIRC, another IRC plugin for a different game.

    What is IRC?
    IRC stands for Internet Relay Chat, and is a great place for simple communication. For more information, check out here.

    Are there any permissions? Commands?
    As of this moment, there aren't any functional in-game commands. All this plugin can offer you right now is an IRC connection. However, from the IRC server's side there are several different commands.
    • .help - tells you what commands are available
    • .list - tells you who is online
    • .version - tells you what version IndigoIRC is running on
    • .uptime - tells you how long the server has been running (new in version 1.5.4)
    There are also some in-game commands. They all require indigoirc.irc as a base permission, as well as their specific permissions. The indigoirc.* node also should work. These commands are new in version 1.5.7.
    • /irc - indigoirc.irc - returns a list of all commands
    • /irc say <message> - indigoirc.irc.say - sends a message to the IRC server
    • /irc sendraw <command> - indigoirc.irc.sendraw - sends a raw command to the IRC server. For more information, go here.

    How does one install this plugin?
    IndigoIRC requires a little more initial setup than most other plugins.
    1. As per usual, put the IndigoIRC.dll file in your ServerPlugins folder.
    2. Run your server. This process will generate a config file which will be in the directory IIRC/IndigoIRC.settings. Afterwards, exit out of the server.
    3. Edit your config with any text editing software of your choice. Replace the default settings with your own, such as changing what server you'll be on, your nickname, and what channel to join. As of this moment, you can only join one channel at a time, which cannot be changed without rebooting the server.
    4. Run the server again. This time, the plugin will initialize and join IRC.
    Config file?
    Below is the default config file that is generated on first run. Starting in v1.6.0, the config updates itself if there are any new changes.
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
        <appSettings file="">
            <clear />
            <add key="host" value="irc.esper.net" />
            <add key="port" value="6667" />
            <add key="nick" value="IndigoIRC_Client" />
            <add key="name" value="IIRCTerraria" />
            <add key="channel" value="#examplechannel" />
            <add key="user" value="USER IndigoIRCBot 0 * :IndigoIRC" />
            <add key="password" value="" />
            <add key="ingameFormatting" value="[IRC] %NAME%&gt; " />
            <add key="ingameColour" value="255;117;117" />
            <add key="ircFormatting" value="%NAME%&gt; " />
            <add key="commandPrefix" value="." />

    • Ratismal - primary developer. This was my first C# project and I hope I did well.
    • Moogles - consultant developer. He helped me fix bugs, and without him this plugin wouldn't be nearly as good as it is now.
    I hope you enjoy this plugin. If you find any bugs or have any suggestions, I would love to hear it. Criticism is the only way that I can improve this plugin. Thank you!

    Known Bugs
    • The new .uptime command has some mathematical issues and doesn't reliably give the right time. Fixed in version 1.5.7
    • The .list command doesn't reliably give a list of online players. Fixed in version 1.5.7
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