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1.17 (obsolete) IndigoIRC [Beta] 1.6.0

Provides an IRC connection from within the server.

  1. [Beta] IndigoIRC v1.6.0

    NOTE: This is a beta build. It has not been extensively tested and thus may contain bugs. That being said, I would greatly appreciate people using this version and reporting any bugs to me. Thank you.

    • More configurability
    • You can now change message formatting in the config file.
    • You can now change command prefix in the config file.
    • You can now set a password in the config file. This will enable you to login to NickServ upon launch.
    • A method has been implemented to...
  2. IndigoIRC v1.5.7

    New update.
    • Now notifies players when someone joins the IRC channel
    • Added /irc commands - all require indigoirc.irc as a base permission
      • /irc - indigoirc.irc - returns a list of all commands
      • /irc say <message> - indigoirc.irc.say - sends a message to the IRC server
      • /irc sendraw <command> - indigoirc.irc.sendraw - sends a raw command to the IRC server. For more information, go here.
  3. IndigoIRC v1.5.4

    New update.
    • Added .uptime command - tells you how long the server has been running
    • Added a /irc command with permission node indigoirc.irc - this command currently is a placeholder and doesn't do anything except return the message "hi".
    Bug fixes:
    • Fixed messages from certain clients (ex. Mibbit) not going through