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2.1 InfiniteChestsV3 1.0.2


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    This is a completely rewritten version of MarioE's original InfiniteChests plugin (again). Most of this plugin was copied or modified from that one.

    This plugin is not compatible with MarioE's InfiniteChests plugin. However, you can use the /transferchests v1 (or v2 if you used InfChestsV2) to copy the chest database to the new format.

    Plugin Features:
    • Saves chests to database, allowing more than 1,000 chests per map.
    • Allows conversion of chest storage to/from database at will.
    • Allows chests to be "claimed" (protected) by users.
    • Allows chests to be "public" (other users can edit but not destroy).
    • Allows chests to "refill" (chest contents are restored at a specified interval).
    • Allows players to destroy all empty chests automatically.
    • Allows players to allow only certain users and/or groups to access protected chests.
    • Allows players to search the entire chest database for specific items.
    • Supports usage of Key of Light/Key of Night items.
    /chest claim - Protects a chest via user account.
    /chest unclaim - Unprotects a chest.
    /chest info - Displays X/Y coordinates and account owner.
    /chest search <item name> - Searches chests for a specific item.
    /chest allow <player name> - Gives user access to chest.
    /chest remove <player name> - Removes chest access from user.
    /chest allowgroup <group name> - Gives players with that group access to chest.
    /chest removegroup <group name> - Removes group access to chest.
    /chest public - Toggles the 'public' setting of a chest, allowing others to use but not destroy the chest.
    /chest refill <seconds> - Sets the interval in which chests refill items.
    /chest cancel - Cancels any of the above actions.
    /convchests [-r] - Converts any "real" chests to database chests (or reverse with `-r`).
    /prunechests - Permanently removes empty chests from the world and database.
    /transferchests - Converts the database from InfiniteChests V1 or V2 to InfiniteChestsV3.